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Decluttering... Videos

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PolkadotRosa Sun 16-Mar-14 13:32:54

Helping my parents to declutter and they've got a load of unwanted videos and cassette tapes. Dad said the charity shop won't take the videos as no one buys them. Is this the norm and would it be best to take them to the tip and recycle them? Thanks.

specialsubject Sun 16-Mar-14 13:47:46

the YMCA charity shop near me happily takes pre-recorded videos, so look for one of those. Home recorded ones are indeed tip-fodder, as are cassettes.

tribpot Sun 16-Mar-14 13:48:15

I know my local charity shop does take videos but it wouldn't surprise me if most didn't. You could try Freecycling them?

Iwantacampervan Sun 16-Mar-14 14:25:57

We have BHF collection points (red containers) in many of the local car parks (near the clothes bank and bottle banks). They take videos - I have spent many a happy time posting cassettes in them.

onepieceoflollipop Sun 16-Mar-14 14:27:54

In addition to the above suggetions, offer them free on facebook or freecycle.

PolkadotRosa Mon 17-Mar-14 00:27:53

Thanks all for your repliessmile
Will try freecycle if no chazza's want them

Cirsium Mon 17-Mar-14 00:31:31

We use casette tapes at the Riding for the Disabled group I volunteer with as CDs and the CD player get scratched by grit from the arena surface. Maybe your local group would use them.

PolkadotRosa Mon 17-Mar-14 09:12:17

Cursium.. That's a great idea. I'll check it out.
Thank you!

BlueChampagne Mon 17-Mar-14 13:15:55

Our local Salvation Army shop still takes & sells them.

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