Advanced search old mould stains from upvc windows and a Qs on cleaning.

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TKKW Fri 07-Mar-14 15:40:50

In our house about 3 years now. We are strict about airing house daily in all weather and a couple of times a week use dehumidifier when we need to dry inside but still have some mould stains on windows although no mould growing as far as i can see.

When moved into our house it was filthy and looked so uncared for once previous owner removed all their things.

Im still trying to work out how to remove old black mould dots that are on a couple of window frames.

If I use bleach spray like flash cillit bang or something - how do I rinse all the reside off ??

Not too keen on making a solution up myself, so happy with sprays you buy but how can I get rid of the chemicals once Ive scrubbed.

what do I scrub with?

Also, how do you get rid of dust (know you can't stop it!!). I wipe with a damp cloth or baby wipe on kitchen doors (white gloss), other living room cabinets (also white gloss), TV/AV boxes and the dust is just moved around rather than picked up by the damp cloth.

Feel like Im fighting a losing battle.

Help... new baby arriving in 8 weeks and would like to get in control.

DwellsUndertheSink Fri 07-Mar-14 15:45:52

use HG Mould cleaner. SPray it on...leave....job done. wipe off after an hour or so. AVailable from B&Q and other hardware stores.

with dust, you are fighting a losing battle. Wet wipe will work. Also vax your carpet to pick up excess dust. Hoover regularly.

Technical Fri 07-Mar-14 15:47:42

I just wipe it with a bit of bleach on a cloth. I don't wipe it off after-leaving it helps prevent it from coming back.

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