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DH and I set up home 10 years ago. All our appliances are dying at the same time.

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nevergoogle Thu 06-Mar-14 11:18:31

The washing machine has just given up the ghost mid load. It's been resuscitated several times and the time has come to let it go.
The fridge is on it's last legs. And frankly with 3 children it's just not big enough.
The boiler, although not ours for the whole 10 years is unlikely to last until winter.
DH is currently dismantling the bathroom because the shower has leaked through to the floor boards and the whole lot has to come out.

And we have baby no3 arriving imminently.

Why does this happen all at once!

Quick help, say soothing things.

D0oinMeCleanin Thu 06-Mar-14 11:25:24

Our washer broke two weeks ago. It is insured under some special appliance insurance.

We phoned them. They offered us a new deal. We can insure 3 appliances for the price of 2. We added on the tumble dryer and the oven. We can manage without a fridge for a short time, we figured.

Later that day, the tumble dryer stopped spinning. Three days later the hob broke. We have to wait 30 days to claim.

We still have to pay for the first 30 days and pay to repair the hob and the dryer.

Sorry not soothing but I wanted you to know you are not alone grin

nevergoogle Thu 06-Mar-14 11:31:51


PigletJohn Thu 06-Mar-14 12:02:59

probably, ten years payments on a service or warranty contract would cost more than the repairs or new appliances.

Sunnymeg Thu 06-Mar-14 13:56:04

I've been married over 20 years and we have been through three sets of appliances in that time. You are quite right, they do all go at the same time. Miserable isn't it!

nevergoogle Thu 06-Mar-14 14:18:15

going to have to prioritise the washing machine and hope the leaky fridge and dodgy boiler hold out a bit longer.

BlueChampagne Thu 06-Mar-14 16:27:54

Try freecycle for a fridge?

specialsubject Thu 06-Mar-14 17:35:32

fortunately the boiler has made it through the winter - summer is the best time to get them changed for obvious reasons, and it is also the time when the gas/oil/whatever men might be arsed to pick up phones and return calls.

with the approaching population increase I think the washing machine has to be first! Try ebay for the fridge.

wasabipeanut Thu 06-Mar-14 22:31:02

I have lots of sympathy. My tumble drier and dishwasher broke at the same time 2 weeks before Xmas. I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Dishwasher in our case was covered by a warranty - just replaced in time for Xmas.

The tumble drier - we just bought a cheap one that's Curry' s happened to have in stock. I sent DH out and told him not to come home until he had one. It was the easiest sale they ever had.

Prioritise laundry. Boiler - sort in the Summer.

DoItTooJulia Thu 06-Mar-14 22:35:36

Try ebay. I got a barely used, second hand bosch fridge freezer for a steal, it's (touch wood) been great.

PigletJohn Thu 06-Mar-14 22:47:07

used appliances go for next to nothing, but you need a hatchback and a couple of strong women to move them (fridges, freezers and tumble-driers are light, washers are heavy)

I sold a fridge for £10 on Tesco's noticeboard, but had to give away the freezer, dishwasher, cooker and washer for nothing on Freegle because my kitchen is on the first floor and I said they would have to carry them down.

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