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Anybody want to join me in a mega, whole house declutter?

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LilllyLovesLife Tue 04-Mar-14 10:03:09

I am desperate to have a clean and tidy home. It's always ruined my life and I always feel very lonely, partly because I can never have anybody over without a week or so notice to clean up! I am fed up of being like this and want to make a change for good. I know that the biggest step is to declutter, as it will make it so much easier to keep tidy.

I have delcuttered lots of times before, and I then end up filling it up again! I don't want to do this again! I want this to be the last time!!

Anybody up for joining me?

I have already done my girls room (They share a small double and it was always so full that they couldn't ever have space to play in it!). It is so much easier now, I finished it about a week ago but have actually kept it tidy!

I am now moving onto my Son's room. It's a TEENY box room with just a cotbed and one chest of drawers in, no spare space and I have an extra baby to fit in their soon as we are expecting again. Baby will sleep in our room for as long as possible but no idea where the baby's clothes etc will go! So iv culled his clothes and now have 2 spare drawers, and got an under bed drawer now which I can use although not really space to pull it out!

Anyway, would anybody like to join me in my mission? We could support each other and keep each other going? I have also strarted looking into flylady and hope to use some bits from there, but not follow it fully as I like to do my own thing a bit.

MoreBeta Mon 10-Mar-14 10:31:30

Since moving house last year and downsizing a bit we have thrown away I would say 2 large builders skips of household clutter and maybe given away another 1 skip worth. I think we have about another skip to go.

It is amazing how it just builds up. You really really do have to be utterly ruthless. We have an objective end point that every single item will have a proper place to reside in our house and every single cupboard and drawer will not be so crammed that it has to be unpacked.

The rule is that if it isn't used, it has to go and if it hasn't got a place to be stored it has to have that place created. We have had some fitted furniture added to childrens' bedrooms to help make that happen.

This is our retirement home but has two teenagers in it so it really has to work for us.

ThePigOfHappiness Mon 10-Mar-14 11:30:36

I'm moving so need to join in this smile. Have to be out by tomorrow night and are moving in with pils for a while and storing stuff in my mothers so literally going to be living with the bare none of what we had. Have thrown out probably 20 black bin bags so far. Clothes, broken toys, paper, general clutter really.
The only room left to clear out now is the sittibg room cum kitchen. One box of kitchen stuff gone to my mothers but need to get cracking.
Unfuck your habit app is great, and when you do get organised I like fly lady's lists NOT the emails though

cattypussclaw Mon 10-Mar-14 11:33:20

I'm really interested in this but... How does anybody find the time? Clutter clearance is quite time consuming and unless I let the washing up pile up in the sink, do no washing or ironing and don't bother with food shopping or school runs, I just don't have the time! Any tips?

stinkingbishop Mon 10-Mar-14 11:34:39

Moving next month, so lurking. Just walked round with the removal man who was quoting, and it dawned on me what a tip it was, and how much crap we have, and have religiously moved around the country with us...this is going to be a new dawn!!!

morebeat love your principles. I may get that engraved in Latin and put somewhere. Like on DP's head wink.

LilllyLovesLife Mon 10-Mar-14 11:58:41

Cattypussclaw - I am also struggling a bit with that battle. So have to take a couple of days a week to just catch up on general housework. I also make sure the following is done before I even start decluttering:
Washing on (and hung out as soon as it's done), Dishwasher loaded and kitchen clean and tidy, older kids at school and baby sorted and ready for the day. I sit down with a cuppa at the start of the day and work out a general plan of what I am going to get done and when/how. Doesn't always work as much depends on how happy baby is, how my back copes and also how I feel as I am pregnant and have gallstones so do have days where I am too sick/in too much pain to do more than the minimum.

As for depression (now can't find who said about it!) I also suffer from Depression and I do feel that it has possibly caused me to get in this mess in the first place. However it's massively making me feel better seeing my house generally get organised!

Anybody know how easy it is to add photos on here? I have just done my really messy cupboard and it looks a million times better (and is half empty still!) And was thinking, if we were all doing before and after pictures daily of stuff like that, it may help keep us all going? But have no idea how to do it and I know I won't stick with it if it's complicated! Lol.

Right so, so far, my washing is outside on the line - for the first time this year!! Really messy cupboard cleaned and decluttered - filled a whole bag of recycling! Plus a few bits for the bin and a few bits to pass on.

I also have my NEW labelling machine on the go! So my next job is to stick the labels up in the cupboards I have finished to help them stay nice! It will also mean when I am in hospital (Happens quite a bit at the moment!) it shouldn't get all messed up while whoever looks after my kids is here!

Aintnobodylovesnanbetter Mon 10-Mar-14 12:18:47

I'm off work this week so planning to -
Sort out mine and dd's wardrobes
Sort out dd's toys and books
This morning i've cleared and cleaned my kitchen cupboards and hoovered throughout downstairs

LilllyLovesLife Mon 10-Mar-14 16:07:42

I am very pleased with myself! I have done everything I planned to do today and more! DS has slept more than usual during the school day today which I guess is why I got so much done. My overflowing cupboard of tins and baking stuff etc is now also done so that's 2 cupboards done today in the kitchen.
Although now have nothing sorted for dinner as I thought I got meat out the freezer but didn't! Opps!

NightCircus Mon 10-Mar-14 20:47:28

Have so much stuff!
3 black sacks for bin
2 for charity
2 carriers for nursery

Good progress though prob about 0.5% done!

Spychic Tue 11-Mar-14 01:32:40

Yesterday dh replaced a lightbulb in the bedroom that's been out for over a year! I am counting that as a positive action because in my mind, decluttering includes getting rid of broken things and ensuring that your home can run smoothly.

LilllyLovesLife Tue 11-Mar-14 07:40:51

mightcircus that's amazing well done! are you able to go and actually drop the bags off today? I find I need to get rid of them asap before I change my mind about stuff or it ends up sitting here for weeks! Lol.

I also managed to do the chest of drawers in my hallway yesterday too. and then much to my suprise, while my girls were in the bath, I managed to tidy the whole of upstairs except my room (bombsite!) and hoover It all! felt amazing. Mainly because my upstairs has always been so messy that it would take hours, sometimes days to get one bedroom tidy enough to hoover!!! i decluttered the hallway while i was doong it which was piled up high with crap. but as the kids rooms have alter been declutter it was so much easier! Just trying to work out a plan for today!

think the plan is:
One load of washing first thing
clean the kitchen so it starts off nice and I don't get behind.
clean the fridge
start decluttering in the extention (which is supposed to be our dining room but has got so messy the past couple of weeks we have had to eat in the living room blush )
really need to do some labelling for the NCT sale as I'm running out of time really. need DH to get a load of bags out the loft for me so I can sort through all the kids clothes (had to keep all the girls and boys stuff that wewere too small until we knew the sex of this baby! now I can sell all the girls stuff as we are having a boy!).
But dreading the mess of getting it all down!

AllFurCoat Tue 11-Mar-14 11:55:08

I've been on a massive mission recently, I've got rid of so much it's unreal up to now! There still seems to be so much though that doesn't have a place! I've always been a hoarder, our family motto seems to be "but it might be useful one day!" I realised I needed to change when I heard 5yo DD say it!

In the last year-ish, I've managed to completely empty the spare room which you couldn't even walk into and turn it into a proper bedroom, the living room is now pretty much clutter free, although there seems to be some creeping in, our room's better, bathroom cupboards get a regular clear out, kitchen cupboards have been gutted and bleached, all baby stuff is almost gone (youngest's 4)!

I do feel a lot better now, although there's still lots waiting to go to charity and cash4clothes. It's our room that gets me down though, it's the dumping ground as no one goes in there and I've still got piles of stuff to sell. Lack of storage space is a bugger too. Maybe today's task can be selling stuff!

LilllyLovesLife Tue 11-Mar-14 13:16:42

Allfurcoat you sound exactly like me! and my bedroom is the same. its a dumping ground for everything! We have lots of storage in there but because the kids have virtually no storage all their clothes are in our room, meaning not so much storage left for us and general household things.
sounds like you have made amazing progress through! my problem seems to be, when I do one part of the house, another part suffers! Trying hard to change that though!

have you tried Facebook local selling groups for selling stuff? Iv made hundreds from selling on there lately. I do still have several boxes of stuff to sell though. sad

iv made a start on my extention which is a dining room/utility room/overflow room! its awfully messy! hoping DH will move the drawers from upstairs into the extention later so I can get the school uniform put away properly as it's all over the place down here.

Still haven't cleaned out the fridge - can't face it hmm

having a well deserved cuppa now. got another 2 bin bags or so to list for sale already from the extention and iv hardly dented it yet blush

yegodsandlittlefishes Tue 11-Mar-14 13:26:06

Lurking. I might manage to get tge charity shop bags to the shop this week and gwt another bag or two filled but can't bring myself to do the massive clearance just now. I am dreaming of it, or I should say having nightmaees where I've thrown lots out and then wake in a cold sweat. sad

mum2jakie Tue 11-Mar-14 15:32:13

I'd love to join in and am reading for tips and inspiration! I am having a new kitchen fitted after Easter so need to make sure I'm not paying to store a load of useless clutter!

I also desperately need to sort the stuff my three boys have outgrown and, hopefully, try to recoup some cash from there. I've emailed for information about selling at a local NCT Nearly New sale in April so hoping that will motivate me a little.

LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 02:19:03

right so today my son has been unwell but still got a fair bit done.
I have: cleared part of the extention, helped move the drawers downstairs, labelled up some stuff for sale for nct sale. sold some stuff on Facebook, sorted some of the newborn clothes, cleaned kitchen and living room, did washing and usual housework. and picked up my new book case for my kids.

IIv not been able to sleep, second night in a row now sad so may even just have a nap tomorrow if I can while DS sleeps and the girls are at school. Think I'm at bit overwhelmed by how much there is to do that i can't switch off at night sad

how is everyone else getting on?

warmleatherette Wed 12-Mar-14 05:12:41

I'm so impressed at those of you who manage to sell. When I get the decluttering bug I just want that stuff gone and do huge drops at the local charity shop. I could probably make a fortune but I know the stuff would just sit around for ages and I'd probably never get round to it. How do you motivate yourselves?

LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 08:17:44

I'm the opposite! I am envious of those who can just drop it at the charity shop and therefore have instant results and far less work to do! but find I just can't let go. I think it's because iv never had much money so have it in my head that I need to get as much as I can all the time. and the cash does come in handy. I buy most of my stuff second hand and am really good at bargain hunting and also good at selling it for a decent price so it often means I don't loose out at all, and sometimes even make a profit.

my living room is currently over taken by stuff for the NCT sale and it will probably be like that till about a week after the sale sad

LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 09:10:56

iv been up most of the night again and feeling absolutely exhausted. so may have to sleep when baby sleeps today, meaning not much getting done. And when he Is awake he has been vomiting and very upset. sad

so going to have a small list of achievement today. Would like to:
- get kids uniform put away.
- clean and tidy kitchen
- list some more stuff for sale/label NCT stuff
- bath DS and change his bedding

warmleatherette Wed 12-Mar-14 12:47:26

I'm very impressed at the selling. I have a Cath Kidston flowery tent and a Phil and Ted's double buggy to go. I should sell them shouldn't I? I need the money. I must do it.

No decluttering yet today as have been having admin nightmare doing car insurance renewal, dealing with parking permit bureaucracy and sorting out a new washing machine. Managed to wrangle a £35 discount on the machine so at least that's something.

LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 14:50:22

where have you all gone? sad

I have labelled lots of items for nct sale, sorted out more bits to sell too. Didn't get my nap but not really surprised! my kitchen is a mess, I really should of made that top priority but just couldn't face it when feeling sick, wanted to sit down and do something!
Iv also sorted the kids uniform, eds finishing off but baby woke up and got to go and get older kids after this.

LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 14:51:28

sorry warm - your post didn't show till after mine blush

warmleatherette Wed 12-Mar-14 16:30:52

NP Lillly. I've taken loads of stuff to the car including the children's Octopod and Batcave (don't tell them!) and that darn Cath Kidston tent. Will take to the charity shop in a minute. And I'm cleaning the windows. I don't understand how it seems that running / cleaning this flat and taking care of two DC seems to take my every waking hour. I'm sure I used to do stuff not just housework but since I had kids that's all I ever do.


LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 17:11:56

I find that too with it taking ALL my time. It's depressing sad

BUT I am hoping that with less stuff to clean and tidy, there maybe light at the end of the tunnel....until July when baby number 4 is born hmm

phantomnamechanger Wed 12-Mar-14 20:38:52

I sooooo need to join this thread! I can never clean the house properly because there is so much junk everywhere it takes me ages to do just one room. We had an extension built last year which gave us more space in our living area and the kids no longer share bedrooms, the trouble is, we have more space to fill. They grow so quickly I cant keep up with decluttering their clothes, they have so many rammed into their drawers the fronts are falling off and they just wear the same few outfits which are easy to get to over and over again. I have 3 kids and they have all had birthdays since Christmas - more stuff. I feel pleased on the weeks when I manage a couple of carrier bags to the charity shop but it makes no impact. we need to get rid of a skips worth of stuff before it would look and different and be able to be easy to maintain, I reckon.

LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 20:47:55

phantonamechanger - join us! you have just described me! But I'm determined to change and to get on top of it! We can do it together! it could be life changing!!

I'm sat still labelling the see blooming labels for NCT sale! Every time I do one I say it's the last time! trashes the house, stresses me out big time and knackers my back! And they take 25% of everything I sell anyway, and that's on top of the £7.50 iv already paid to do it!
I'm seriously going to cry if at least half doesn't sell. I THINK iv priced it to sell but it's always pot luck to see what else is there.

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