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Anybody want to join me in a mega, whole house declutter?

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LilllyLovesLife Tue 04-Mar-14 10:03:09

I am desperate to have a clean and tidy home. It's always ruined my life and I always feel very lonely, partly because I can never have anybody over without a week or so notice to clean up! I am fed up of being like this and want to make a change for good. I know that the biggest step is to declutter, as it will make it so much easier to keep tidy.

I have delcuttered lots of times before, and I then end up filling it up again! I don't want to do this again! I want this to be the last time!!

Anybody up for joining me?

I have already done my girls room (They share a small double and it was always so full that they couldn't ever have space to play in it!). It is so much easier now, I finished it about a week ago but have actually kept it tidy!

I am now moving onto my Son's room. It's a TEENY box room with just a cotbed and one chest of drawers in, no spare space and I have an extra baby to fit in their soon as we are expecting again. Baby will sleep in our room for as long as possible but no idea where the baby's clothes etc will go! So iv culled his clothes and now have 2 spare drawers, and got an under bed drawer now which I can use although not really space to pull it out!

Anyway, would anybody like to join me in my mission? We could support each other and keep each other going? I have also strarted looking into flylady and hope to use some bits from there, but not follow it fully as I like to do my own thing a bit.

4littleones Mon 09-Jun-14 22:37:11

Chaffinch - I wasn't meaning a couier. I sell on local facebook selling groups (closed groups only though as open ones let all your facebook friends see what your selling and I don't like that). It's fab. Doesn't cost anything and people pick up from you.
I can't get my head around the paying to sell something thing - It just takes the whole point away for me.
You do get the odd timewaster which is annoying. But I don't wait in specially, I just tell them when I know I will def be home. Which is most of the time at the moment! I don't tend to bother in the holidays as we are out a lot of the time and don't want to wait in. It's pretty effortless and it sells fast if you price it right. I do now have stuff that doesn't seem to be selling though - trouble with local selling is that you need the right person to see the right item at the right time. But it is all shifting in the end.

Dreamingoutloud Tue 10-Jun-14 10:03:40

Well managed to get dh to help me start on our dumping spare room, it was full of laundry that needed to be put away and all our summer clothes that I had bought down to put away and just never got round to!

It definitely looks better and now means I can go shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer as opposed to seeing a big pile of crap to wade through.

Hoping as it's nice out I can tackle a lot of laundry today, I also suffer from laundry hoarding same as some of you wink

ChaffinchOfDoom Tue 10-Jun-14 13:09:36

4littleones Oh I see! yes, I like the FB groups too. you never know what is going to pop up on them smile

been out and about today so no housework aside from sweeping the kitchen floor.
I have so much washing now dry, needing sorting out.

JKSLtd Tue 10-Jun-14 21:38:40

Been rushing about all day. Managed to drop off big box of toys to ds2's sch.
And brushed cobwebs off bike & ride it yeygrin

ChaffinchOfDoom Tue 10-Jun-14 21:41:14

got a load of old kids clothes listed on local fb group smile
now awaiting the buyers............................................ <silence>

got sod all else done but have noticed a lot of my house needs repainting GODDAMMIT

JKSLtd Wed 11-Jun-14 16:07:54

God don't even start with the actual house- work list!
We've lived here 10 years and it's starting to show!

Outside walls and woodwork
Peeling wallpaper
Missing bits of skirting
Holes in walls

Goes on and on!

Work, orch & swimming today but did make some calls this morning to tackle paperwork.

ChaffinchOfDoom Wed 11-Jun-14 21:45:48

been into the attic <WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO> and scooped out a load of toys. all listed to sell
had all kinds of determination to scrub the bathroom tiles...then I screwed up my back sad so lolloped about for the rest of the day

ChaffinchOfDoom Wed 11-Jun-14 21:46:34

* add cleaning windows to my lists <bah>

JKSLtd Wed 11-Jun-14 21:47:59

Take it easy Chaffinch - rest that back!
Well done on the attic though.

Tomorrow is work & sch runs day. Alarm system man coming too to assess if we should upgrade (£?).

ChaffinchOfDoom Thu 12-Jun-14 20:20:00

huzzah! for the fact I managed to wash up today. Small victories. smile still got bad back Boo!!

JKSLtd Fri 13-Jun-14 13:04:22

Been baking PTA stuff for ds2's school. Kitchen is a disaster zone. Laundry everywhere too.
Bought new tea towels so am going through and chucking the ancient grey ones with holes!

ChaffinchOfDoom Fri 13-Jun-14 20:05:08

oooh new teatowels is such a treat! am jealous!!

managed to get nappies today grin had forgotten last 3 days
some of my old toys are selling through now...pile is disappearing huzzah.

JKSLtd Fri 13-Jun-14 20:13:45

Persuaded dh to part with a tea towel he tie dyed at school. He's 41...!

Chucked out some paperwork.
didn't win a wardrobe on eBay boo.
Am bidding on another. Really need 2 to freecycle what I'm currently using for ds2 & dd.
Ds1 has one of those old gents wardrobes with some hanging and some shelves. Perfect for kids.
Want 2 more ideally.

ChaffinchOfDoom Fri 13-Jun-14 20:28:06

I got ds2 wardrobe from Tesco online in some mad reduced sale they had, it's great, hangers & shelves and little drawers <socks lol!>

am joining more fb selling groups it's so addictive......

JKSLtd Fri 13-Jun-14 20:44:09

Ooh do you know what it was called?

ChaffinchOfDoom Sat 14-Jun-14 21:24:22

there is this one which is similar, Tesco haven't got any

JKSLtd Mon 16-Jun-14 12:16:01

I'll keep trying ebay. Not a fan of Argos furniture (bad experience!) and want a ready made not flat pack ideally. I can justify spending much/anything as we have got storage atm. It's just not big enough esp as they keep growing!

De cluttered the crumb tray of the toaster lol. And went through the plastic cupboard - bit grand to call hoarded takeaway boxes Tupperware grin

ChaffinchOfDoom Mon 16-Jun-14 15:18:50

look on your local fb groups & freecyles too..good luck!

did lidl today, need to declutter lounge to a pristine standard as dds party here on fri night. lots to do.

JKSLtd Tue 17-Jun-14 18:43:14

Good luck with party!

Work, sch runs & orchestra.

Tomorrow work, baby sports day & swimming lesson.

ChaffinchOfDoom Wed 18-Jun-14 09:17:27

urgh been struggling as knackered my Im a zombie as baby reverted to 2-3hr sleep pattern so Im up and down all night sad

this too shall pass.....right...?

few more bits sold through. tidied around last night, not going to bother hoovering until Friday last minute heheheh

JKSLtd Thu 19-Jun-14 21:50:11

Hope back & baby cooperate!

DS2 is ill, not sure with what, high temp & on ABs.
Due to go to PIL for weekend tomorrow.

Done 2 sports days (DD & DS1) but not a huge amount else.

DH just asked if I'd sent off a cheque that was due on the 16th, err no!
Haven't made calls or sorted emails in days.
Inbox now at 72! When my personal target limit is <20.

On a good note, the patch I intensively weeded last weekend is still weed free. grin

ChaffinchOfDoom Sat 21-Jun-14 09:45:20

oh jks I'm sorry about ds, hope he improves today.
had dds party last night - jesus. never again. was some shockingly naughty kids.
house got really tidy, though, moved a lot of stuff and put away. I seem to have too many clothes again. it's v hard as am bf and still got a lot of babyweight so need big clothes; but want to lose it & get back into normal need twice the damn clothes.....

back better. until attempts to entertain party kids involved teaching them a dance routine...back slightly bad again now... smile

JKSLtd Mon 23-Jun-14 08:13:26

Ds2 better again. Slightly scary high temp and not sure what caused it but better now phew.

Right, Monday again. Kids all off to school. Washing machine repair and alarm system repair/update today.

Want to tidy up, clear emails and get some gardening done.
Need to try and find ds1's glasses in the chaos!

ChaffinchOfDoom Mon 23-Jun-14 13:41:17

dds shoes broke as we stepped out of the house this morning - clarks - 9weeks old ffs.
Luckily the shop changed them no bother thank god no way I could lose another £35.

we will be doing something easier for ds'2s birthday in a few weeks, can't do a home party again.

*thread update* grin

fairly decluttered. apart from the too small baby stuff gathering up again, don't want to dump it on my friend yet as she has just gone overdue with her 2nd... she wont need 3-6mth clothes yet
need to clean oven. defrost freezer, clean fridge. all of the breathtakingly crappy jobs.

JKSLtd Mon 23-Jun-14 20:38:20

Haven't dared look in the fridge recently! I know it needs a good empty out and clean.

Didn't find ds1's glasses. Midday so any gardening.
Alarm man came but hotpoint man was a spectacular disaster and ended up with him storming off on his van!

Did some emails.
Cleared study.
Collected new kitten grin

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