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Dudess Mon 03-Mar-14 21:42:11

Oh good heavens if I hear one more time 'so, you won't eat that yoghurt now that it's three days past it's date?' I'll really flip!

OH and I have very different shopping habits sometimes. We both like to nose around the shelves after 8pm for bargain bread, and buy own brand products where we can, but if I fancy some (normally yoghurts) one day, but it's better value to buy 8 instead of 4, then I'll buy them. And face merry whatsit when a couple of yoghurts end up in the bin.

Honestly, life is too short to worry about the odd yoghurt, when we pay on average 10p for a loaf of bread. I know food is scarce, and I hate being wasteful, but for the 40p yoghurt I lob out, especially as I have a sensitive stomach/immune system that reacts badly to out-of-date dairy.

Does anyone live with a spud-obsessive, too, who has to have them at least four times a week? Spuds drive me crackers. Would rather eat oven chips, pasta, rice, or bread.

perspective Tue 04-Mar-14 20:54:02

You would not survive in our house! Dh saves/reuses every bit of food. I have seen him save a couple of tablespoons of stew. Added to that he will eat leftovers many days old, cuts mould off cheese and bread. Sometimes drives me mad when it goes too far though. His mother grew up in a prisoner of war camp and he was brought up this way.

So yoghurt 3 days out of date? Nothing to worry about!

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