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How do you de-germ a room?!

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Ellisisland Sun 02-Mar-14 08:03:29

Have been up most of the night with DS who has a terrible cold. I also have a bad cold so the pair of us have been coughing and sneezing and generally being yucky in his tiny bedroom all night. He will be going back to sleep there for a nap in a few hours and I am a bit paranoid about him sleeping in a pit of germs I have cleared out the tissues and opened the window but my brain feels all fuzzy and I can't think of anything else ? Thanks

MrsDandBaby Sun 02-Mar-14 08:16:48

Change all the bedding

DrownedGirl Sun 02-Mar-14 08:20:21

Wipe the door handles and other flat surfaces with anti bac

But I think if you already have the colds, most of the virus is in you already!

mousmous Sun 02-Mar-14 08:20:56

open the windows
change bedding
wipe door handles, light switches, anywhere you regularly touch.

but you can't re-infect with your own germs.

insancerre Sun 02-Mar-14 08:21:04

does it matter of they are your own germs?
I don't think you can catch your own cold from yourself
if you've both got the cold then it is enough just to open the windows

Lagoonablue Sun 02-Mar-14 08:21:29

Change the bedding but he won't re catch the germs. He already has them.

pudseypie Sun 02-Mar-14 08:24:39

change the bedding, open the window and wipe down the surfaces including door handles. That's what I normally do.

specialsubject Sun 02-Mar-14 10:23:35

he's got the cold and so have you, too late. Throw out all rubbish, clean surfaces and change bedding once it is over. Also new toothbrushes all round.

he IS a pit of germs and won't come to any further harm.

LoveSewingBee Sun 02-Mar-14 10:37:29

You share the same germs so cleaning to prevent the other getting ill won't work.

I would air the room daily. I would change the bedding, just because it is very nice to have fresh sheets especially when ill, but it is not really necessary. Otherwise I would stick to normal cleaning schedule and wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth with hot water and either some dettol or a cleaner containing some bleach. Hoover the floor and mop if possible.

If you feel u der the weather yourself I would leave the proper cleaning until you feel better.

loveliesbleeding1 Sun 02-Mar-14 14:23:52

If you are feeling really bad, just air the room and perhaps change pillowcases, hope you both feel better soon.currently going through it with my dd's.

Ellisisland Sun 02-Mar-14 15:52:26

Thanks all. Have aired the room out and changed the bedding. Wiped the door handles too , thanks to whoever suggested that.
Am now curled up in bed with DS watching postman pat smile

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