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Steam cleaner recs?

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Hazelbrowneyes Fri 28-Feb-14 13:08:00

My DH has asked me to ask the experts grin

We want to buy a steam cleaner - good as an every day mop but one that can also really clean up grout (white grout in the kitchen...ugh, big mistake)

Any recs?

Mum2Fergus Fri 28-Feb-14 18:35:21

Bought H2O X5 last weekend (think it's still £20 off at Argos), no complaints here smile

BloooCowWonders Fri 28-Feb-14 18:40:11

I've just got this Vax one from John Lewis
but am not totally in love with it yet. Lots of attachments etc, but no instruction book to tell me how it can change my life.
Also missing from the box was the cleaning fairly who will use the machine to transform my house.

Reasontobelieve Fri 28-Feb-14 19:01:29

I bought the H20 last year but found that it completely packed up after about 6 months (unfortunately I lost the receipt). I was looking online recently (possibly Amazon, but I'm not sure) and others reported the same experience.

RaspberrySchnapps Fri 28-Feb-14 19:07:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hazelbrowneyes Mon 03-Mar-14 08:24:50

Thanks all, I'll show these recs to DH. He's currently looking at a K'archer which is £200 weep

averyyoungkitten Mon 03-Mar-14 08:35:40

Can I just say that it really depends on what you want it for? �200 isnt a necessary buy in my opinion.

I personally got a Prolex steam mop ( just mops floorsand carpets) for �24.99 from B& M Stores and I think it is fab. I wouldnt be without it now. I already had a kettle steamer (again a cheap one bought a long time ago, but I rarely use it - around three outings in seven years)

My mother (who also wanted attachements) got a Pifco for �29.99 She wanted hers to clean the bathroom. I think there are cheap and cheerful machines out there which will do the job and leave you �'s in pocket.

The floor mop is worth its money, attachments are really something you have to consider carefully.

Hazelbrowneyes Mon 03-Mar-14 08:42:43

It's for general cleaning but also cleaning white grout in between the floor tiles in the kitchen.

I'm absolutely against £200 being spent on this if I'm honest so recs for cheaper ones are gratefully received!

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