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spare bedroom has turned into laundry room and the walls are getting damp

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KittenCamile Wed 26-Feb-14 13:04:30

Our spare bedroom has seemed to become a laundry room over the winter. Big clothes horse as we don't have a tumble dryer and couldn't dry clothes outside. It also has a big chest of draws for spare clothes and sorting clean washing. There is no other furniture in the room.

Problem is because of all of the moisture the walls are getting a little damp and there has been some mold. I have cleaned all of the walls but wonder what I could do to help avoid this in future?

I want to repaint the room and was wondering if I should use maybe bathroom or kitchen paint? Thought this might help.

This room may occasionally be used as a spare bedroom (airbed) when my nephew stays but that will only be maybe a week once a year. It will hopefully one day be a nursery (please, please, please!!) so I would really like to keep it as nice as possible but still want to use it as a laundry for the time being as it keeps the rest of the house neater.

Any thoughts or tips?
Many thanks

PigletJohn Wed 26-Feb-14 13:36:32

Open the window.

You are delivering litres of water to this room by draping wet washing in there, so of course it will be wet, just as if you threw a bucket of water at the wall.

WillSingForCake Wed 26-Feb-14 13:39:29

Open window or buy a good dehumidifier.

KittenCamile Wed 26-Feb-14 13:44:00

I do open the window but can't leave it open all of the time. A dehumidifier is a good idea. Thank you

Atavistic Wed 26-Feb-14 13:44:20

Argos stock dehumidifiers. Buy one and set it to 50 %. Your laundry will dry much faster too.

PigletJohn Wed 26-Feb-14 15:54:54

Or consider how much time and trouble would be saved by getting a tumble drier. Softer cottons too.

Cleartheclutter Wed 26-Feb-14 19:12:45

Could you put the clothes horse outside on dry days? It would dry your clothes a lot faster

thereisnoeleventeen Wed 26-Feb-14 20:53:15

I dry washing in small space with a dehumidifier in it, imo not all dehumidifiers are created equal so it's worth getting a good one. I have a condenser dryer as well, I empty quite a lot of water from both machines which I guess is all water that would otherwise be going off into the atmosphere of the house.

Dilidali Wed 26-Feb-14 20:57:51

Electric clothes horse/rack. Keep the room ventilated smile

KittenCamile Thu 27-Feb-14 13:48:18

Thank you, im going to look into a dehumidifier, they range from £50 to £250 so thanks for the advice, I won't go for the cheapest! It's a large box room.

I do dry outside on my days off but my work days are 16 hrs long and at the moment you have no idea what the weather will do!

While I'm at home now I'm airing it as I would like to paint it this weekend then I will get a dehumidifier and go from there. Thank you ladies

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