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Spring clean!

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BrownSauceSandwich Fri 21-Feb-14 08:33:49

I have two weekends absolutely free of commitments, so I thought I'd use some of the time (between lie-ins, leisurely dog walking and shit tv, so let's be realistic about it wink) getting the house back in order after three months of wintery darkness and not being able to see the dirt.

So far on my list:

-nuke the kitchen and bathroom plugholes
-sort out laundry (sigh)
-charity-shop unused clothes and bin holey socks
-take stuff to dump
-unfuck the fridge and food cupboards
-take down and clean lampshades (take opportunity to make note of fitting types to buy LED bulbs)
-take down and wash curtains (tomorrow looks like good drying weather!)
-wash dog beds
-de-cobweb ceilings
-wash woodwork
-clean Venetian blinds (sigh)
-clean and polish wooden furniture and fireplaces
-re-oil the kitchen worktops
-clean inside windows
-mop hard floors

What am I missing? Is that realistic spread over four days, by a not-very-skilled worker?

ILikeToClean Fri 21-Feb-14 13:04:03

There are 16 things on your list, so 4 a day which sounds completely do-able.

One other suggestion: clean the oven?

Good luck, I am off all next week so going to do the same as dds are back at school, 3 rooms per day is the target!

BrownSauceSandwich Fri 21-Feb-14 17:33:48

Oooh, that's a much better way of looking at it! I can totally do four things per day!

Do I really have to do the oven? I mean I probably did it last summer Yes, oven is a very good idea!

ILikeToClean Fri 21-Feb-14 18:29:35

Get some Oven Pride and stick all the racks in the bag overnight, makes it easy then!

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