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Our Kuhn Rikon safety can opener sucks

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erikab922 Sun 09-Feb-14 20:28:23

Can anyone recommend a safety can opener which opens all sorts of cans? We have a Kuhn Rikon safety can opener and it will open 'posh' cans with no problem (gourmet chestnuts from Waitrose etc), but anything from Aldi, Tesco etc which is store brand and probably uses a cheaper canning technique, the can opener doesn't work on it. Either doesn't get a proper grip or I do like 20 revolutions with it and the lid won't budge. So then I have to get out the cheap-o regular can opener which looks like someone went at it with a rusty ice pick and hope my husband doesn't slice his arm open when he empties the recycling.

Does anyone have a safety can opener that actually opens all cans? I'm on the verge of can rage which is a really stupid thing to have!

mejon Sun 09-Feb-14 22:30:30

I have one! It was useless! I hated it! Came from a fancy kitchenware shop. We now have a JML electronic tin opener from Argos that opens everything with no problem.

erikab922 Sun 16-Feb-14 22:09:51

mejon thank you, ours was also from a fancy schmancy kitchen shop (like 10 different kinds of egg slicers), I will be getting on of those JML ones tomorrow!

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