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Microfibre cloths - is it sad to say life-changing?!

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RebeccaJames Sun 09-Feb-14 10:15:44

Found a good deal on Amazon for 24 microfibre cloths, and I am a total convert! Maybe I am slow on the uptake, but it is a revelation how they can be used dry for dusting and really do hang on to everything. I have a very moulty dog and i fight a tide of the stuff every day. Even when I dust with a damp cloth I feel like I'm moving the hound hair around.

Went round with the new cloths this morning and i now feel I have de-haired the house. I'm absurdly excited!

Womdering, though, whether I can leave it to the washing machine to get all the dust and dog hair out or if I need to get them off first and then wash? I am both lazy and have a two-month-old, so looking for easy options!

winklewoman Sun 09-Feb-14 10:39:09

Not sure about the dog hair washing issue, but I gather you are not supposed to use fabric conditioner when you wash them as it removes their magical properties.

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