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Coloured grout - can it be bleached by anti-mildew spray?

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ASmidgeofMidge Fri 07-Feb-14 18:58:16

Just that, really. Our old bathroom had white tiles and grout, and I regularly used the Dettol anti-mould/mildew spray (green bottle) to keep the dreaded black mould away. I gather from the smell that it contains bleach! We've had the bathroom replaced recently, and the tiles/grout are now a cream colour (I think the grout was called 'jasmine'). If I spray these with the Dettol stuff, will it bleach the colour from the tiles or grout?


PigletJohn Sat 08-Feb-14 03:28:37


ilovepowerhoop Sat 08-Feb-14 14:48:47

I am sure the dettol stuff says not to be used on coloured grout

ilovepowerhoop Sat 08-Feb-14 14:51:55

have checked my bottle and it says it is suitable for white grout and not to be used on coloured grout. I would imagine it would bleach the grout but your tiles should be ok

glammanana Sat 08-Feb-14 15:12:20

It will certainly lighten the grout be careful when you use it can you not get an extra supply of grout from DIY store just in case you need it at a later date.

iggymama Sat 08-Feb-14 20:22:00

Maybe steam cleaning would be safer.

amazonianwoman Sun 09-Feb-14 01:12:57

We have cream grout, or beige. Not had a problem using the green Dettol stuff - and I've often left it on for hours blush

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 11-Feb-14 13:44:33

Hmmm... Thanks all. It seems the jury is out! I might see if I can find an unobtrusive corner to 'test'...

leeloo1 Tue 11-Feb-14 14:05:44

We have jasmine grout between our bathroom tiles (wish we didn't as it permanently looks mucky to me) and no it doesn't get bleached by dettol mould and mildew, it just looks cleaner. smile

KatoPotato Tue 11-Feb-14 14:16:35

Will this product actually remove the black stains from sealant? we've moved into a new house and there's two areas that are very black?

Or do we have to reseal?

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 11-Feb-14 15:32:16

Worth a try, Kato - it's pretty powerful stuff

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 11-Feb-14 15:33:05

Thanks leeloo - will give it a go

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