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How do I keep new bathroom looking new?

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Flumpf Fri 07-Feb-14 16:53:14

Our landlord is just installing a new bathroom for us. When we moved in, our old bathroom was already quite discoloured on the tiles and grout, and then I could never shift the black stuff around the bath seal. It looked pretty unsightly and I was wondering if any one please has any tips for keeping the tiles and grout looking white? I think that I might get a squeegee to use after every bath/shower, and should I spray the tiles with white vinegar? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. smile

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 07-Feb-14 17:50:09

Clean it and wipe down every day, its the only way ime.

GingerMaman Fri 07-Feb-14 17:53:29

Could you ask the landlord to place huge tiles (so that there'll be less grouting) and coloured grouting too, not white?

OneMoreThenNoMore Fri 07-Feb-14 17:58:30

Keep on top of cleaning it and squeegee the tiles around the bath/shower and the shower screen after every use. I use dettol mould and mildew remover (it's in a green bottle, can't remember its exact name) if I see any discolouration and it works a treat. We had our bathroom fitted 6 years ago and it's still in good condition. smile

Flumpf Fri 07-Feb-14 18:03:19

Thank you. smile The tiles are pretty big for this reason.

specialsubject Fri 07-Feb-14 18:36:56

ask the landlord for the instruction leaflets for the fittings - some new taps etc mustn't be near anything except water, so no jif etc.

hopefully he's given you an extractor fan - use it, air out, heat properly etc.

LittleBonnie Fri 07-Feb-14 18:46:25

I had new bathroom fitted a few months ago and like you I want to keep it new. After each shower I wipe the walls and screen with a squeegee and then get j cloth and wipe the inside of the screen before spraying with Shower Shine. After each bath i spray rinse and wipe over. It sounds a faff but I do it really quickly and the bathroom still looks good. I live in a hard water area and the bathroom fitter said the shower screen door would be covered in limescale and basically uncleanable in two weeks if I didn't do this. I think he also used anti mould grout.

gobbin Fri 07-Feb-14 20:07:14

And if you have a bath, clean it with a little washing up liquid after every bath. My neighbour gave me this tip and mine still looks immaculate after 10 years (I bath most days).

Bert2e Fri 07-Feb-14 20:14:34

Always buff! Every time you use a tap buff it off with a towel as you dry yourself - that way there will be no watermarks on the chrome. And everyone else has said keep on top of the tiles / shower screen with a squeegie or shower spray every time you use them.

Logg1e Fri 07-Feb-14 21:20:55

Wipe every day. I use a dilute vinegar solution and not bleach such as a mildew remover - I don't think there's any need for that amount of chemical and expense. For the shower screen and tiles we use a Karcher after the last person has showered, I love it. I also use it on the window to try to reduce condensation (our bathroom has two external walls and really suffers with condensation).

Flumpf Sat 08-Feb-14 08:44:24

Thanks everyone. Some really great tips here. smile

ushiemama Sat 08-Feb-14 22:54:59

Use a microfibre cloth every day with Cif Bathroom Cleaner. Every member of the family should do the same after every use.Open window for at least 10 minutes to let fresh air flow through. Follow this method & you will have a pristine bathroom for many mould, or limescale. Oh & a drop of bleach down the plug holes every week.

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