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Polishing/treating oak floor

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WillSingForCake Wed 05-Feb-14 21:18:15

Last year we moved into a new house which has oak flooring throughout the kitchen and hallway. We sweep it regularly & use a Bona wood cleaning spray-mop thing, but whereas the floor used to have a nice shine to it, it now looks quite dull. Do you know of any good polishes/treatments we can use on it to brighten it up a bit, but to also help protect the floor against scratches? I've seen lots of oak furniture polishes online, but none which seem specifically for floors, and I don't want to turn it into a skating-rink!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 06-Feb-14 08:01:05

Method wood floor cleaner-lovely stuff.

RaisinGirls Sat 08-Feb-14 12:41:26

I've used this with a floor polisher. It brings my wooden floors up a treat. Not the same as when they had been freshly oiled when first laid, but definitely gives them some of that original sheen back.

WillSingForCake Sat 08-Feb-14 12:44:12

Great, thanks for the tips!

Love an excuse to go to Lakeland too smile

amazonianwoman Sun 09-Feb-14 01:16:53

Don't use the Method stuff if the oak floor is waxed rather than varnished, it dulls it.

TeeBee Sun 09-Feb-14 12:20:30

I do mine with Osmo Oil, it feeds the woods and gives it a nice sheen.

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