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babysteppers new year thread

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liveinazoo Fri 03-Jan-14 09:22:37


shakes last of sweeties in the tin and hopes for company!

<<any newbies out there wanting to join us chit chat,declutter and encourages <slightly > less slothernlyness,come in too!grin

liveinazoo Thu 09-Jan-14 17:46:08

that should have said walking boot styleblush
<sends self to practise spelling and checking before postingblush>

AdoraBell Fri 10-Jan-14 02:24:43

Zoo it's her general growth, or lack there of. She dropped from the 25th percentile To the 3rd. Now back up To 5th. We didn't manage To Get the most important test done but will next week. All others looked good, According To her Dr.

Ta Dah's

Drove into town and home again twice
Meals, 3 of
Fed dogs just now
Put rubbish out
Remembered that DH had neglected To put dustbin out this morninghmm because it isn't Thursday yetblush, luckily I didn't mention it.
Removed nail varnish that DDs had put on me last weekend.

Still To do,

Close upstairs Windows, currently open wide To cool down but DDs sometimes sleep walk.
Drink my tea
Crawl into Bed.

Will try To catch up Tomorrow, should be home.

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:05:41

Yesterday I had what I call "a migraine hangover" -- where your head doesn't hurt, per say,, but everything feels slow and slightly distorted, like a hangover. We did crack on, though, and SB and I went out for the afternoon doing errands, going to the library, stomping in puddles, etc. I also went to vote around 9:40 last night, when MrScout got home (late night at work then voting as well).

SB and I are having another pyjama day but have had a very productive (and fun) morning.

To Dos and Ta Dahs:

wash up Thursday's pots, pans & dishes
wash up Friday's dishes, pots and slow cooker (I have kept up dishes and stuff as I've been going)
scrub down stove
make slow cooker dinner
scrub down bread maker
make bread for dinner
update daily diary Thursday and Friday
create running diary
SB to write Thank You cards (he's done one so far, I'd like to get him to do two more to bring his total of done to five) (He writes "Thank You" and "SB" and I write "Dear XYZ" and "for my presents" and "Love".)
write letter to A&B for thank you/presents
fold clothes (upstairs and downstairs)
make ironing pile
iron (don't iron when SB is awake because of the cord going into the middle of the room)
emails: MiL (lists of Lego, Brio and pottery plus general chit-chat), Mom (lists of Lego and Brio plus general chit-chat), FriendFromHomeP, FriendFromHomeNowInCanadaM, BFFS, HEFriendE, HEFriendY, HEFriendL
menu plan for Saturday through Thursday
grocery list
clean out cabinet by refrigerator (lower two shelves done, need to do the top shelf but need to climb to get to it and don't want to do it in front of SB and give him ideas -- he's never been a climber, I'd like to keep it that way)
put away Christmas baking stuff (will go on top shelf, so to be done when SB is in bed)
make weekend projects list (what I'd like to accomplish this weekend)
take recycling out (if full)
take trash out (if full)
prep for Saturday's slow cooker dinner (--take beef from freezer for partial thaw-- and cut veggies)
meat for freezer: wrap, label and freeze
reorganize freezer to check what meats and veg we have for meal planning and grocery lists
catch up on Bible/Gospel reading (I'm a few days behind on my daily reflection, which I started in December, so want to catch up and make it part of my nighttime routine)
sweep under the counters

SB and I have been doing Lego this morning. One of his ten or so new kits is a Creator 3 in 1 (windmill and houses) and so he builds a building, plays with it, has me take it apart and then builds the next building. He's now on the third model of the kit. SB also helped me make the bread (well, measure and pour ingredients into the bread machine) and the slow cooker dinner (measure ingredients, pour, stir and turn the machine on). He's very excited for dinner because he made it. He also made his lunch (sandwich and fruit). Now I just need to get him to dress/undress himself (he can do parts of it but not all of it and he doesn't like to try because he gets frustrated). I've instituted a "try four times and then I will help you but not do it" rule. Does anyone have any tips?

I need to go and have some lunch myself and sit with SB while he continues with his Lego. He spends days building things and playing. It took him about 4-5 days but he made the Lego Fire Station (three vehicles and the building) by himself. I might do some email at the table while he builds and pray he doesn't decide he'd like my tablet to play CBeebies games.

Oh, and we've been watching CBeebies Stargazing every night -- SB loves it. He's always loved space things and has been going to planetariums since he was 22 months old. And because of the program/s his bedtime stories have been some of his stars/sun/planets fact books (that's what he wants). I am raising a geek and I love it. Whether I can keep up, though, is another matter and that's what I have MrScout for!

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:07:33

Zoo, how are the shiney new appliances?

Adora, better you than me! I can deal with bugs and spiders and snakes but I think I might draw the line at scorpions!

liveinazoo Fri 10-Jan-14 13:58:39

fingers x you get some answers adora
glad things are ticking over scout-my ds also a geek-he recites facts about everything he reads<he reads a lot>.we got him an awesme fact book and the guiness book of records for xmas...did you know we have more hairs than an ape?<apparently ours a finer than the apes that's why we don't look as hairyshock-life will never be boring when you raise a geekwink

im still waiting for my appliances,slightly worried now as were due at the 11-2 time slot..i have to go at 3 or the zoolets<gulps and prays hurry up!>

I blitzed the kitchen floor this morning scrubbing and moving everything-was fabulous.....then scoutcatdecided as was icy out couldn't be bothered to scrape at mud and proceeded to use the "facilities" for a number 2shock-he hasn't used the tray in months<was last used during the night when he couldn't get out and ws bursting for a wee>.my whole kitchen reeked even after changing traysad..I hunted thorugh cupboard and found some zoflora buried at the back-quick wipe of the floor with that and the smell of renegade cat eliminatedwinkgrin

I shall now resume nervous pacing by the window in the hope they turn up soon with my things!

liveinazoo Fri 10-Jan-14 14:03:58

p.s on the dress himself front I think you are doing all you can-unless you want to go down the stickers route?
its easier when you have a bunch kids get ready together as they don't want help<im not a baby> and they race to be first read!

he sounds very patient as builds lego-my ds is very 8 he will still be washed and fed if he had his way and still asks for help dressing just coz he cant be bothered!<maybe its aboy thing-I can think of better things to do than get dressed?>

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 15:11:26

SB has taken over my tablet but it does mean I'm plowing through with more jobs. I'd really like to sit and gorge on the teenage drama box set I've borrowed from a friend. I don't want SB to watch it so I am resisting the urge.

Bread is on the bake cycle now and it smells yum along side the slow cooker full of beef and ale stew (complete with beef, potatoes, onion and carrots). I just hope it all lives up to our expectations.

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 15:47:08

Bread is done and out cooling. SB is so excited by his bread he was jumping around the kitchen saying "I made that big bread with ingredients!"

liveinazoo Sun 12-Jan-14 07:18:20

ooh scout that's sooo cute!grin-hope it exceeded your expectations!

I was still waiting at 3pm so scuttled to a neighbours who kindly agreed to house sit for me while I did the school run-I got back at 3.50 to find the van had just pulled uphmm...

good job had used up contents of fridge freezer aas was told couldn't plug new one in for 4hr and would then take up to 4hr to reach chilled temps...good job I don't drink tea as I wouldn't have been a happy bunny without any milk!

yesterday<sat>I decided to go to the wholefood co seels loads things like beans,seeds,dry furits etc-excellent pantry standybys and while they sell a lot organic its not all expensive and as they bag themselves most things are cheaper per 500g than supermarkets<and dd2 was itching to buy some their vegi sausage mix>.dp was meant to be taking us but then decided "didn't fancy ithmm"so with dd2 now having a longer face than a horse we embarked on the <very>long walk was a 4hr round trip walk but we passed through a park,a nature reserve and had a lovely walk along by the river so it was pleasant on way as wintry sun shone even though was very chilly...the way back want as much fun with over 10kg stuff on my back in dd2 backpack AND 2 small cardboard boxes stuff<they offer empty boxes rather than carrier bags for your purchases.the zoolets were great though and trundled along we saw lots birds etc and that kept them entertainedsmile-im very proud of them!
p.m dad decided show his face and "didn't want to stay in" on a nice day-so off we went to another local nature reserve-he encourages little ones to take bikes,which I thought a bad idea as I find their legs tire faster ride than walk<but what do I know>.little zoo struggled and he ended up pushing her before even halfway along the track.ds then wanted pushing too and as my back was agonised from the mornings activities he had to push them both!we go near a farm shop<not past it> and he grumped we couldn't go along there to see henry<a klun klun pig that dd2 adores>she cried,so I took her while they waited on the cornr of that road and drank the pink milk id bought to sustain them!it was dark when we got back having taken 3hrs to complete and they were exhausted to tears and cold so dinner ended up being bowls hot milky porridge which they rammed then went to bed early!

liveinazoo Sun 12-Jan-14 07:20:09

today little zoo will be accompanying ds horse riding while dd2 and I go shopping...I also shall be road testing the new driersmile
hope everyone else ha a good day whatever you are doing!

AdoraBell Sun 12-Jan-14 21:00:36

Glad your appliances arrived, if a lot late Zoo SOunds like you had a good couple of days even though you had to carry all the shopping and bikes needed pushing.

Scout hope you are feeling better now and yes, that bread making SmallBoy is just too cute.

Well my washing stayed on the line as had so many days running around, I;ve brought it in and yep, it still smells of smoke. I hear the WM beeping, time to swap loads over.

liveinazoo Mon 13-Jan-14 15:01:22

oh dear adora-that's a painsad

today I have;
-put bins/recycling out
-fed cats
-breakfast and lunches made
-school run
-my bfast in peacesmile
-hovered stairs/tidy hall
-cleaned bathroom
-done 3 loads washing/drying/fold and put stuff away<last load in dryer at mo>
-made sticky beetroot ginger cakes-smells xmassy In here!!they full spices and stem ginger in syrup.yum yum
-wiped down surfaces after stick blender sprayed beetroot everywherehmm

I shall now go retrieve the zoolets and take some muffins to a beet loving mum I know well at school<we jokingly say our beet "habit" is coz its a superfood and gives us superpowers!ha ha.

AdoraBell Tue 14-Jan-14 00:21:07

Love the superpowersgrin

Ta Dah's

breakfast all round
shopping and errands with DH and DDs
back home
put shopping away
more laundry
caught up on MN

Still need to feed us but lunch was a late and rather large affair so we're not in a hurry.

Then I need to go through my hydrator to make sure no lurking salad items have turned. Had to adjust the freezer setting because of the heat this last week. It's a bit cooler today.

Dustbin must go out tomorrow as we missed it on Saturday.

Then, if I can stay awake, meal plan.

Scout19075 Tue 14-Jan-14 22:15:01

I could use some super powers.

AdoraBell Tue 14-Jan-14 23:40:04

Laundry all caught up, apart from DDs who have realised that having not bothered to get theirs done they are running out of clothes.

Dogs sorted, we still need dinner or a light bite.

Took DDs bowling today and got home too late for actual cooking.

AdoraBell Thu 16-Jan-14 02:02:21

Ta Dah's for Wed.

Up and showered
Nagged DDs To eat some breakfast
Out To do errands and DDs had a small shopping tríp. DD1 seems To think that being a shopoholic is something To aspire tooconfused
Back home
Dogs sorted, dog pen sorted
Food sorted
Vitamina drink for DD2, helps with her general growth
Poured vino
Flopped onto sofá


Must start prepping for holiday, going South againgrin.

liveinazoo Thu 16-Jan-14 09:32:13

ooh a holiday..some where nice adora?
<wafts superpowers scouts way>

Wednesdays ta dahs
-fed cats and kids
-lunches made
-school run
-my breakfast in peace
-2 loads washing done and dried<but seems very creased an dwill need ironing todaysad>
-stairs hovered<damn hairy catshmm>
-bathroom cleaned
-hall/shoe cupboard sorted<after a near neck breaking moment on the overspillsad>
-bit shopping
-tidy recycling that blown all round garden.<had some wrap paper from 8 doors down<knew by the nametagswink>
-made some banana and coconut cookies for a friend
-made banana oat muffins for lunchboxes<at this point place smelt amazing!>
b.t man had to come as landline hasn't been working since last Wednesday-they told me to buy a new one to check it want the phone,which we did 3 months ago and wasn't he phone and dp threw old phone away in a temper and I hadn't any spare to acquire yet another.turns out the phone has packed up<and isn't under warranty anymore<sobs> so not only do I need a new landline but have am being charged as call ut my fault<estimated to be £150...sobs>
-got kids
-watched as dd2 made yorkies to have with vegi sausages for dinner<rose beautifully and she was so proud herselfgrin>
-dropped girls at girls brigade
-washed up
-tidy kitchen<slight bombsite after dd2 efforts!>
-bed time for zoolets<dp collected them>
-dropped in aheap front tv!!!

post todays ta dahs later

AdoraBell Thu 16-Jan-14 12:21:58

Back To the glaciares down south Zoo, here in the Middle it's been hot enough To melt the small glaciar atop the mountain over looking Santiago, I feel a need To feel cold.

Tired Today, Bed sheets are in the WM, DDs are still alseep, I may have a short snooze before carrying onwink.

liveinazoo Fri 17-Jan-14 14:12:52

nowt wrong a sly nap when you can sneak one in!grin

I cant remember my ta dahs from yesterday,but here are todays!
-fed zoolets and cats
-made lunches
-ran to school<overslept and we left 10mins before the whistle and takes around 15-20 mins...we made it in 7 huff and puff but least there on time!>
-done 3 loads washing
-bit ironing
-wiped surfaces/washed up bfast things
-laundry put away/sorted zoolets drawers

I could do a break.its seems o rain incessantly at the momentand whilst its not as cool as should be im fed rubbish in heat<dizzy/faint>and when very cold I cant get warmsad-so I guess Im a traditional brit moaning no matter what weather doesgrinha ha

anyone have plans for weekend?

AdoraBell Fri 17-Jan-14 17:02:10

I didn't a napshock, DDs appeared, as if by mágica hmm when they heard DH leaving and wanted breakfast.

Today I've done laundry and am now prepping a late lunch. Will catch up with yesterday's Ta Dah's a bit later.

DH is off on business early Tomorrow and Dd2 seems To think this is reason To Go into town for window shoppinghmm, I may try and Get school books/materials bought before the back To school rush.

AdoraBell Fri 17-Jan-14 19:37:17

Lunch is done and I'm now enjoying a coffee, Well earnedwink

3rd load out of WM and waiting To be hung out, others should be ready To come in.
DW loaded after breakfast and switched on, ready To be Emptied.

Yesterday we popped out, then,

Asisted DD in her cooking DH chucked a spanner in the works which turned out To be wraps for DDs and salad for DH and I.
Watched TV with DDs
Fed dogs
Halted the líne of ants marching To and fro between the window and the avocado stone DD left on the side.
Cleared kitchen and put rubbish out.
Sat up watching Star Treck whatever it's called with family, went To Bed around midnight.

I need To clean a fridge, it doesn't work properly but DH won't Get rid and I forgot I put food for the dogs in there To defrost. That was all that was in it so Nothing else contaminanted, but it pongs.

Also need To transfer plants, I have peppers that really need To be outside now and toms that need bigger pots. The basil might need a bigger pot too. The peppers was a mistake, thought I was buying seeds for chilli. Also, and avocado stone that has sprouted needs a home of it's own, one of the DDs put the stone in with a toms plant.

Zoo How are your new appliances?

AdoraBell Sun 19-Jan-14 02:49:50

Ta Dah's for Saturday

Up at stupid O'clock To take DH To the airport.
Then into town for a little grocery shopping and a lot of browsing in clothes shops for DDs.
Back home
Fed dogs
Cleared away
Messed up new phone by connecting To computer and forgetting our wifi password blush
Emailed DH for a reminder
Washing on líne
Made a drink
DD's friend arrived
Rain arrived shock never happens this time of year confused
Washing back in To dry in kitchen
Sorted DDs
dogs fed again and sorted for over night
No one wanted To eat so I Sat downgrin

liveinazoo Sun 19-Jan-14 08:34:58

on the appliance front adora the dryer is fab.fridge works,bonus as old one leaked water into salad drawers and smelt funnysad

I had a text message at 7am to inform me washer is being delivered today<it was out of stock when ordered it and was meant to get a call to organise time and delivery has a tracking on net number so I just tracked it and apparently is due between 8.30 and 12.30 this morning...

glad you got a break coz no one was hungry<never happens in my house!>fridge sounds anightmare,esp as you live in the heatsad

I have frantically pulled at washer and cleaned under it< mouldy unidentified bits<boak>> and emptied the bin.its not showroom but im soo annoyed I got no advance warning they shall have to take us as they find us!!!

AdoraBell Sun 19-Jan-14 17:23:10

I would not be happy about that delivery schedule either Zoo.

My fridge is sorted envy <boak face>.

DD's decided To eat at 2.30 am, they reheated the left over pizza from lunch.

Today I have, so far,

Got up, showered and dressed before 9am -minor miricale as DDs were still up and making noise at 3 am.
WM on
Cleared away detritus from wee small hours
DW on
Sorted breakfast for DDs & friend
Emptied bin
Cleared breakfast things
Dog pen cleaned out
Dogs fed
Assessed damage To chocolate supplies - extensiva but they did leave the dark stuff that I like alonegrin
Emptied WM, but not yet hung things out.
Consumed a large quantity of coffee

Trying To muster the energía To russel up some lunch, DDs can have a sandwich Today but I need something without wheat. Turns out now that I've Stopped eating it daily it upsets my stomach when I do, and I realise all the things I took as being normal are, in fact, not.

Think I'll prep some buckwheat for dinner.

Later the detergente drawer from WM is going in the DW.

AdoraBell Mon 20-Jan-14 13:51:30

Moré Sunday Ta Dah's

Lunch, for DDs, I didn't feel like eating in the end
Washed all four dogs with help form DD2
Got DDs To bring in towels from the linewink
Made dinner
Cleared away
Fed dogs
Vaguely thought about this week's shopping requirements, gave up
Played scrambled with DDs
Watched summat about Britney Spears with DDs while enjoying a vino
Went To Bed far too late, again, Oops.

Today the detergente drawer will Go in the DW.

Put stain remover on a few bits after my shower this morning, then made a coffee and forgot To put the machine on.
Off To do that now and sort dogs breakfast, DDs are sleeping off the weekend.

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