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missing thread

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IorekByrnisonsArmour Fri 03-Jan-14 14:59:29

It's usually first on the list, maybe you accidentally hid the thread?

Easily done grin

HTH and good luck with it !!

moonbeam111 Fri 03-Jan-14 14:22:02

Thats it, thanks a million. How come I still can't see it in good housekeeping?

IorekByrnisonsArmour Fri 03-Jan-14 13:11:48

If this works I think you mean this?

moonbeam111 Thu 02-Jan-14 22:53:38

Can someone tell me if I'm going mad or not please-I'm almost positive I was reading a thread in this forum yesterday, something along the lines of fly lady cleaning for January-a lot of ladies shining their sinks and the such, I even did my own after reading it but I can't for the life of me find it since last night. Can someone help!!!

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