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Help Needed Creating a Household Chore Rota for Kids

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Treadmillmom Wed 01-Jan-14 21:19:47

I have 3 DC a very capable 10 year old, a capable but will try to get out of it 8 year old and a confident 5year old.
I've explained that 2014 is when they start to do chores and they'll be paid but pick up their 'wages' monthly.
First question, pay per chore or per week? I do think it should be the same flat rate. The maximum I'm willing to pay is £2 each per week.
I think the 8 and 10 year old be able to do the same chores albeit different days/weeks. Obviously my 5 year old would be restricted by strength, height and health & safety.
The chores are;
Dishwasher - loading and emptying
Clearing and wiping down dinning table after meals
Sweeping kitchen floor
Putting out rubbish for bin men
Putting out paper/glass for recycling
Vacuuming/dusting - weekends only
They already fold their school uniforms and are better than dad at putting dirty laundry into the wash basket lol. They make the drinks at meal times and do their own packed lunches.
I need structuring the rota in regard to whom does what on which days. I'd like them to do at least one job off the rota daily.
I appreciate your help and look forward to seeing your suggestions.

WantAnOrange Thu 02-Jan-14 07:10:49

I personally wouldn't pay for them to do their basic chores. I don't get paid to do the housework. I believe it encourages the idea that housework is Mum's job and they are helping her or doing something extra, whereas housework is for everybody to pitch in, it's a shared responsibility and it's just part of life, a part of life which they already benefit from. They are rewarded for loading the dishwasher by having clean dishes to eat from, go for natural rewards/consequences. They still stand whether you are there policing it or not and will serve them better in the long run. DS is 7 and is naturally very lazy laidback. I have found straight up talking works better than training with rewards.

Treadmillmom Thu 02-Jan-14 08:29:53

Okay, I hear ya on the wages, can you help me with the structure of the rota please?

DevonFolk Thu 02-Jan-14 08:35:02

A friend of mine has a basic list of things that need doing and they sit down once a week so they can bid on what they're going to do that week, then they cros it off once it's done. I have a feeling she says they can't do the same thing two weeks running.

curlew Thu 02-Jan-14 08:45:49

None of those are jobs I would pay for. They are all things that need to be done in order to keep the family community running. Certainly things like setting and clearing the table and loading the dishwasher should just be givens- why wouldn't you set the table if someone else is cooking dinner?

What I would do is have a list of extra jobs that are paid for and they each have to pick, say, two a week. For example, washing the car. Putting away the big shop. Ironing the school shirts. Cleaning everyone's shoes. Stripping all the beds (this was my ds's favourite when he was little!) Cleaning the insides of the windows (divide this one up depending on how many windows you have) Sweeping paths. Or whatever biggish weekly jobs you have in your house.

Really don't get into the pattern of paying for basic table setting type jobs. Or you'll end up with kids who say "how much do I get" when you say "could you fetch my glasses from the living room,please"

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