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Storage baskets/ boxes for inside ikea duktig kitchen

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Suddengeekgirl Wed 01-Jan-14 20:10:14

Dd got the ikea play kitchen for Christmas and loves it. smile
But all the food and plates etc etc end up scattered around the room or on top of it. hmm

I'd like some storage baskets/ boxes that will fit inside its cupboards.

Any suggestions/ recommendations? smile

Wingdingdong Thu 02-Jan-14 00:52:32

Biscuit tins. Half price in supermarkets right now. Downside is you'll need to eat a tin's worth of biscuits first...

We also have a couple of lined wicker baskets which we place on top of the kitchen at the end of play. We also have a hamper next to it - seems quite appropriate that the DC should chuck all their play food and picnic stuff inside! We do seem to have acquired a lot of related stuff over the years though.

Cherrybloom87 Tue 18-Nov-14 19:18:21

I feel like I should warn people about one of the accessories for this kitchen, the Duktig 10-piece Coffee/tea Set (Toy). I was playing with my 3 year old niece with this set. Being 3, accidents happen and she knocked a cup off the side of her child's kitchen set with her elbow whilst picking up a different cup. A very short drop. The cup shattered everywhere, into big pieces, tiny pieces and even fine powder. Her initial reaction was to jump in shock at the noise and shout "ouch my foot" As i was sat on the floor with her at the time I immediately picked her up, lucky as she was surrounded by the shattered cup but on its initial fall the cup had already sliced her foot. There was a lot of blood and she kept saying how much it hurt, with tears rolling down her little face. After 3 and a hours in a&e and 4 butterfly stitches later I feel I should warn others of this. She has two slices in her foot, one over an inch long. Her bandage is on for 4 days and the stitches longer. She can't walk on her foot as it hurts too much.

I know this product warns of sharp objects and it's not suitable for under threes, I know this material breaks, however it is still advertised as a toy and I think that is wrong. It fell from a height of less than 50cm. If I hadn't have been playing with her she would have stood in all that shattered crockery just to move away from the cup, giving her much worse injuries. I have dropped adult drinking cups from a much greater height before without that much mess. The set would make a cute children's dining set yes, but it is by no means a toy, even under supervision.

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