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please help to choose between 2 electric cookers

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charlottenina Wed 01-Jan-14 10:13:42

we are young family of 3
choosing between 2 cookers - ceramic top on both of them

Hotpoint HUE53 in white 50 cm wide
HOtpoint HU61 60 cm wide in Graphite

Our kitchen is old fashioned, no particularly colour coordinated. we do have dishwasher and washing machine in white. but we do not mind graphite cooker as it will not show dirt as quickly as on white

please help me choose.

thank you

PigletJohn Wed 01-Jan-14 11:52:57

Get the wider one. You will have years of irritation if your cooker is cramped.

500mm cookers are quite rare now and are bought only by people with very small kitchens, or older people who have got used to a small cooker.

charlottenina Wed 01-Jan-14 13:43:21

Thanks. sorry...we are family of 4. so the small cooker of 50 cm not enough? I.just wonder if a big oven space unnecessarily heats up to roast one tray of potatoes, vegs...?

PigletJohn Wed 01-Jan-14 13:54:49

50cm is considered "small."
Put a big frying pan or casserole on it and you will be cramped for other pans.

I have a 60cm cooker and a big turkey was quite a snug fit.

Heat loss from a bigger oven will not be noticable on your electricity bill.

PigletJohn Wed 01-Jan-14 14:01:29

for example this is a good sized family pan. Imagine a 30cm pan in one corner of a 50cm cooker.

mousmous Wed 01-Jan-14 14:02:36

I would go for a 60cm one.
it mean you can have 2 large pans and 2 pots on the go at the same time.

charlottenina Wed 01-Jan-14 19:31:15

Thank you all, ordered the 60 cm onewink wink

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