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Minimising kids clothing!

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ARealPickle Fri 03-Jan-14 00:22:32

It's my plan for tomorrow to reduce birth wardrobes.

ARealPickle Fri 03-Jan-14 00:22:10

Oh timely thread. I'm decluttering madly at the moment. I have a 5 year old in reception just growing out of her current size. We've been lucky with hand me downs in the past but need to buy new. We also have hardly any space.

I completely hadn't realised how little you'd need once they start school. I do need some tracksuit or jogging bottoms to wear swimming though. Previously not really liked them but would be practical!

I used to have5 pairs of pjs but now just keeping xmas pjs and 2 others.

The 2year old has far too many clothes from hand me downs. 14 pairs of dungarees and jeans is far too many. It just confuses me and takes up space.

CremeEggThief Fri 03-Jan-14 00:10:33

I would go for enough clothes to last a week, so that covers holidays. DS (11) has 4 pairs of jeans/cords, 7 tee-shirts, 3 hoodies and 2 shirts. Oh and a pair of tracksuit bottoms, and it works for us.

phdlife Thu 02-Jan-14 21:42:39

Ooh, lucky you - my dc's have inherited 100s of items from friends/family and they are deeply, profoundly in love with each and every one hmm. I am not allowed to throw anything out - even stuff they have outgrown, they like to keep in their rooms to stroke, look at, etc. Dd4 is at this very moment wearing sandals a size too small because they are "so beautiful" confused.

TheMuppetsSing Thu 02-Jan-14 21:38:06

I'd go with 4-5 pairs of bottoms - jeans/joggers/combats, 4-5 tshirts, 2-3 long sleeve tshirts, and at least one each of a cardigan and a jumper, possibly two of each depending on how much they wear them.

Jackjack Thu 02-Jan-14 17:12:43

Thank you for replies. I have 3 ds so keep all wearable stuff to pass down, am hoping to start next week when they're back at school!

betterwhenthesunshines Thu 02-Jan-14 12:52:20

Children's clothing is easier to cull as as least they grow out of it, so then you just need to be aware of how much they actually need. Then only buy that and no more.
Keep a mental note of what gets worn in a week.
Empty the whole wardrobe
Put back what gets worn regularly (any out of season stuff put away on a top shelf)
Put all the rest in a bag and put it in the spare room, under the stairs. If you don't have need of any of this in the following month then take it straight to charity shop.

Most of the time they are in school clothes so you only need clothes for the weekend.

3 x trousers (inc one pair muddy/outdoor and one pair smart)
3 or 4 long sleeve Tshirts
1 shirt with collar if they like to waer them
2 or 3 fleeces or jumpers

I find any more than that doesn't get worn anyway, my son just wears the top 2 Tshirts in his pile in rotation anyway! He is also growing so fast at the moment that we never have more than 2 pairs of trousers as his legs grow too quickly ( he's 12).

DrownedGirl Mon 30-Dec-13 22:08:33

To be honest I don't think much more than
2 pairs of jeans/combat trousers
1 over the head fleece
1 zip up fleece
4-5 t shirts

Plus a smart outfit if necessary

Weelady77 Mon 30-Dec-13 22:05:55

Hmm that's an interesting one, my ds2 is clothes obsessed but he's 15 think my dd who's 8 has maybe 6 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of jeans,4 pairs of skinny jeans, 6 pairs of shorts to wear with leggings and tights, god knows how many Teeshirts/vests 8-9 long sleeved tops and maybe 3-4 jumpers, but she doesn't wear half of it as she's in school uniform all week and dance wear on a Friday,
Will watch with interest smile

Jackjack Mon 30-Dec-13 21:32:13

Having started on my own wardrobe contents now want to reduce my children's clothing. Anyone else tried this, what do you consider essential capsule clothing for a young boy. Not including underwear, pjs, sports wear or school uniform.

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