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2 days to go! Fledglings flock here.

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GoingGoingGoth Sat 28-Dec-13 22:23:48


Babystep 29 highlight's the Ask Flylady page

This week we are in Zone 4 the bathroom & 1 other room. Detailed cleaning list for those that can be bothered here

It's Sunday so Renew your Spirit Day and no missions.

December's monthly habit is Pampering

Flight Plan for today.


MercuryRising Sun 29-Dec-13 09:15:58

Morning. I would like to get back on the flywagon. DP and I did a massive declutter just before Christmas and it has made a massive difference. I am determined to at least try to keep on top of things.
I plan on taking all the decorations down next Saturday. I love the tree and lights, although I may take the cards down before then.
Hope ds starts to feel a bit more settled with a return to his normal routine Bitchy. We have gone back to normal bedtime routines for the dc as they are a nightmare once they are out of their routine.

To do
Small pile of ironing.
S and s
Hoover downstairs
Coursework sad
Contemplating a walk with dc
Empty car of rubbish and junk
Make beds - done
Healthy food shop
Washing out
Reload wm

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sun 29-Dec-13 09:23:51

Decorations stay up till 12th night here, I hate putting them away, the house seems so dull without them.

Welcome Whispers and welcome back Doris and Mercury.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 29-Dec-13 09:57:24

Hello Whispers welcome aboard.

Well the alarm went off at 8, but I didn't get out of bed until 9. No point in shocking the system too much?

Laundry on
Dry laundry away.
Washing up
Cat litter changed
Refuse/recycling out

Got DD as a willing-ish helper, so about to crack on with the bedding.

Decorations will probably stay up to 12th night, any earlier and Dd would complain (they only go up on the 21st)


EustaciaVye Sun 29-Dec-13 09:59:41

Morning routine done.
Dont let me back if I havent dealt with cat litter and guinea pigs!

feetheart Sun 29-Dec-13 10:03:18

Morning all smile
Lovely and sunny here and planning a walk later. However before then I need to:

- Get everyone dressed and fed
- Hang washing out
- Get DD showered and hair washed (she has a LOT of lovely thick hair that takes FOREVER to wash and dry!)
- Organise sleepover for DD
- Get DD to tidy bedroom so there is room for sleepover friend fhmm
- Hoover DD's room
- Get DC to help tidy living room which, to coin Doris' excellent phrase, 'looks like Santa has thrown up over it'

Not sure when decorations will come down here, though cards never quite made it up in the first place fblush. We'll give it a few more days at least as I like the twinkly lights fsmile

GoingGoingGoth Sun 29-Dec-13 11:18:14

Back again.

Turns out my 'willing helper' thinks she'll get extra pocket money. She saving up for this

Updated Done
Laundry on
Dry laundry away.
Washing up
Cat litter changed
Refuse/recycling out
DD's winter quilt out of storage
DD's bedding changed (summer quilt goes under bottom sheet as an extra layer)
My bedroom:
Bedding changed
Dusted! And all clutter removed (to lounge sad)

Having 5 minute break whilst washing machine on spin cycle, then will stick in another small load.

Next job- DD's room <adopts superhero pose>

GossipWitch Sun 29-Dec-13 11:19:26

Morning all, I have had a lovely Christmas most of it being spent with the in laws who hired a farmhouse nearby for Christmas, and spoilt us with great food and treats throughout, the only bit of telly we have watched was gangsta granny and 2 episodes of star wars yesterday, and the rest of the time we have been setting up lego's and downloading apps onto tablets.

We have the eldest stepdaughter and kiddiewinks down today, so im going to cook a roast dinner with the left over turkey from xmas that mil brought over with her yesterday.

And now I also have an entirely new reason to clean house and keep on top of it, after we blitzed round the house yesterday morning for the inlaws, it was all very tidy and clean, (thankfully) dp popped out for a cig. Who happened to turn up unannounced? only the frigging landlord! to collect his post !!, he actually seemed very nice, said how nicely we had done the place up and then asked if we had seen the loft, dp was a little bit honest and said he had popped his head in, to which he replied that we were welcome to use it if we wanted, it has a double and single bed in there if we had any guests etc and that the only reason its not in tenancy agreement is because of the stairs. So of course dp is already talking (not to the landlord yet) about insulating it properly and fixing things etc. And I'm already planning how were going to sort ds1s room out into a nursery, for impending baby when fertility comes back.

So now we have a fourth bedroom :D Just feeling a bit more la-dee-da now, lol, going from a council estate with a 2 bed housing association house, to a very lovely estate without a council house in sight which has 4 bedrooms smile, oh if only my old stuck up neighbours next door could see me now!! Not that there is anything wrong with council houses etc, its just that now that I am out of my old estate, I can see it for what it is. And lets just say that actually I think it may just have been one of the roughest estates in my old town. I have never seen a police car on the street I'm on now and on my old estate it was at least a weekly occurrence and if a certain person was around at least a thrice daily occurrence.

And my uni things came through yesterday as well! so now I am officially a student!

Hope everyone else is well and had a good Christmas smile

BitchytheGreat Sun 29-Dec-13 11:29:52


So ds was up every 2 hrs from the 10:30pm he actually settled down to sleep last night. And then got up for the day at 5am <sobs> but we did manage to have a long chat and got to the bottom of some of his worries. Changing clubs for training and a detention he has when he goes back to school. At 6:30am I threw a hissy fit and stomp my foot and sort out getting some sleep. Had hoped to get up at 10am but didn't wake until nearly 11am at which point ds served me scrambled egg and a cup of coffee. thankfully he also seems to be in a better mood and ready for today's adventures. And apparently he also went back to sleep.

Needless to say today will involved bitchy's special brew.

<leaves vat on naughty corner bar for all those who need it>

BitchytheGreat Sun 29-Dec-13 11:33:40

Oh and just because I love you all here is the joke that ds decided to tell me at 5am this morning. For a ds joke it has improved in standard.

There were three boys in detention at school, a boy called zip, a boy called willie and a boy called wee. The teacher had to leave the room for a moment. Zip hid on top of a cupboard, willie hid in a drawer and wee just ran around in cicles. Teacher walked back in the room and shouted "zip down, willie out and wee in the corner"

ToffeeWhirl Sun 29-Dec-13 11:38:57

Gossip - that sounds like a great start to a new year grin. Nothing wrong with feeling a bit 'la-di-da' either. I only have three bedrooms here. <doffs cap>

Ooh, and you have made me realise that I am also officially a student again now, as I have paid for my OU course now, which starts in Feb. <excited>

Welcome to Whispers (love that book, by the way, particularly that line!). And welcome back to Doris and Mercury.

Goth - you are steaming ahead with your lists today! My DC loved the 'How to Train Your Dragon' books, btw.

Engels - Jan birthday here too. Can be a tricky time of year to have a birthday.

Oops, battery is running low, so have to dash. Waves to everyone I've missed out. Eustacia - have you done the cat litter and guinea pigs yet? <stern look>

Slept in till 9am today! grin

To do :

Guest crisis clean
Get DS1 out of the front door hmm

CallingAllEngels Sun 29-Dec-13 13:06:20

Watched that film with ds yesterday goth !

bitchy at least your ds has a sense of humour even if he does have to be up at 5.30am to demonstrate it . Hope you have a better night tonight.

<waves at mercury, doris and whispers>

sounds like a lovely christmas gossip

envy of studying toffee and mercury. I'd love to do further study ins Literature and Creative Writing.

feet well done on the run. Am signing up for my May 10k later and will look and see what else I can do inbetween.

Ta da
rubbish out
one load washing away
one load washing done and drying
one load washing on
cleaned coffee table
sorted ds toys a bit
showered and did hair
paper recycling sorted
cleaned hairbrush
made beds

phew! Got really annoyed at dh sitting on his arse all morning while I sorted the house. Still, he's just finished making tiramasu and is putting lamb on. ILs will be here in an hour or so. Am wathcing The Gruffalo for the first time with DS. Thinking about writing thank you cards - DS got so many presents and ama lready starting to forget who gave what.

MercuryRising Sun 29-Dec-13 13:55:58

To do
Small pile of ironing - done
S and s -done
Hoover downstairs - dp doing
Coursework sad - about to start
Contemplating a walk with dc - done was great
Empty car of rubbish and junk
Make beds - done
Healthy food shop - doing tomorrow
Dw - done
Washing out - done
Reload wm - done

I have come on to report my progress/ procrastinate before starting my work. I feel so much better for actually getting stuff done rather than just thinking about it!

Ds' joke is great Bitchy - I am going to share it with my DS later I think it will really appeal to him. He is 7 and finds anything he considers to be rude hilarious smile

Gossip what are you studying at uni? <nosey>

Engels that sounds a bit like my dp (although I am letting him off today as he didn't get in from work until 5am.) Home made tiramisu sounds lovely - enjoy.

Hmm I don't think I can waste any more time idling on here bbl when I have completed some work - have a good afternoon all.

MTFF Sun 29-Dec-13 13:59:33

popping in beofre getting properly on it in Jan. I did a lot of work on clearing the junk pile next to my side of the bed! Then christmas day happened ....

MTFF Sun 29-Dec-13 14:00:03

sorry ignore my post need to renamechange

GoingGoingGoth Sun 29-Dec-13 14:08:30

On a roll... Want to see if we can fill a 2nd thread wink

Updated Done
Laundry on
Dry laundry away.
Washing up
Cat litter changed
Refuse/recycling out
2nd load laundry done

My bedroom:
Bedding changed
Dusted! And all clutter removed

DD's bedroom
Winter quilt out of storag
Bedding changed
Majority of toys away
Quick go through clothing, 1 carrier bag read for recycling

Dd & DH playing BopIt, ha they can't beat my high score grin

Stopping for a brew MN then onto the lounge.

BitchytheGreat Sun 29-Dec-13 14:18:39

I have washed my car shock it was disgusting and took too buckets of soapy water to clean all the muck off. How I hadn't been stopped for covered number plate I don't know. Now all i need to do is finish clearing it out and hoover it... <boak> kids, long distance traveling neither are good for cars.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 29-Dec-13 14:36:40

Goth - wow, what a list! (I like the casual 'All clutter removed' from your bedroom list - that would take me several days!).

Bitchy - love your DS's joke grin. Well done on car cleaning.

Enviable lists also from Mercury and Engels.

Most of my day seems to have been spent dealing with DS1, so not much Flying done so far. The change in routine has really messed him up. Managed to get him out to the local park for about five minutes today, but not without a struggle (partly physical because he physically fought me to stop me turning off the computer and I had to push him off me). Praised him for getting out and deliberately ignored the fact that he was just sitting there, not skateboarding. Then made him tidy up his room once home and have a bath. And eat lunch. The next mission is to get him to wash his hair (which he was meant to do in the bath) and to get dressed.

I feel so discouraged after all the progress he made. Hopefully, he can draw on his memories of what he achieved before in order to build up his confidence again - something I reminded him of today.

Operation Crisis Cleaning is beginning shortly. Might need a brew to spur me on.

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 29-Dec-13 14:44:31

Dd appeared at midnight last night saying she felt sick. We organised a bucket, and then she slept in my bed whilst dh decamped another room. However she slept fine and is not sick...soo...another day has turned out with a rather disorganised start...Ds2 woke us up screaming he had lost the red bucket (the one we use to avoid him peeing on the seat)...and so forth...grin

Bitchy I love your joke. I am NOT going to tell that to ds2, I think he would repeat it to anyone he met for the next few years.

Three men/boys out of the house (off to a football match with a friend of ds2's)
organised numerous hats scarves thermal vests gloves that matched and fitted respective parties
cooked early lunch before they left, lamb and rice
more slobbing around in my pjs! although I did get the boys dressed very quickly
another wash in

dw loaded
table wiped again

Now I am going to TRY TRY TRY AND DEAL WITH MY HORRENDOUS BEDRoom...(although the rest could do with just as much attention)

GoingGoingGoth Sun 29-Dec-13 15:36:00

<arf> at Swan's DS 'losing the red bucket', DH woke me last night by saying 'drench' in his sleep. hmm

Done for now
Hall vacuumed
Dusted in lounge
Bag of stuff handed to DD with instructions to put away (haven't looked yet)
Vacuumed lounge & kitchen

DD now watching Charlie & Lola DVDs, while I cabbage before starting dinner.

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 29-Dec-13 15:50:08

half bedroom!
stopping for a cup of tea

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 29-Dec-13 16:01:17

my children are behaving (in terms of physical inactivity) as you describe, most of the time. Dd has been lying in bed all day, and starting screeching she was sooo soo hungry and could I bring her lunch in bed. No. (lunch is still sitting on the stove top from 12/30 when she said she wasn't hungry) Everyone is just overwhelmed by tiredness malaise post term collapse - I don't think it strikes younger children quite so hard as they are still hardwired to want to get up and run around all the time hmm

I think you did brilliantly to get your ds up and to the park, and I often have those physical struggles to switch off electronic devices. I realise that once it has cut out they are fine, it is just that transition which makes them react.

The mistake is to get dressed and start working oneself, as then one realises how incredibly lazy everyone else is, loafing around all day in their pjs hmm

I still haven't got dressed blush

MerryBuddha Sun 29-Dec-13 16:54:50

Up later than planned but Ta da
Tidied away cards, left over wrapping paper, the extra presents.
Cleaned kitchen sides
Swept floor
3 x w/m
3x t/d
Hoovered hall and landing
Tidied top landing
Located 2 iPads which had been missing for 3 weeks! Tidying along the way.

We went out to stretch our legs to a wood with the boys and dog, 3 hrs later we left. The boys had a whale of a time, playing 'it', running about, build a camp, have a go on a swing rope. DS2 cried earlier because he didn't want to go -- and leave his beloved computer--, but yet had the most fun out all of us.

Goth we love "How to training your dragon" in this house, in fact hoping to take the boys to this when comes to Uk later this year.

Was hoping to go to the shops today, as have an empty fridge, but as we were out longer than anticipated, I am going to try and magically make something for dinner!!!!

GoingGoingGoth Sun 29-Dec-13 17:49:53

Merry at the risk of sounding like an overexcited teenager OMG!!!!!!

DD is watching the film again. A live show would blow her mind.
I would like to say we are being invaded by dragons, but it happened long before DD came along. When she was a baby and laid on the sofa we used to cocoon her in a long IKEA dragon.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 29-Dec-13 17:50:11

You are so right, Swan - I should have continued lazing around, then Ds1's inertia wouldn't seem so bad grin. I'm comforted to hear of your household's similar inertia.

Have managed a crisis clean, although it's still ongoing. Kitchen, dining room and sitting room tidied, mopped and hoovered. Took hours. Am moving upstairs next. Still haven't reached our bedroom. Thought tomorrow's visitor might cancel because of transport issues, but she just phoned to say she will definitely be coming. Thank goodness I made a start of cleaning up.

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 29-Dec-13 18:09:09

Well done Buddha!

Dh has just rung up to say the parents of a friend of ds2 he met at football match has invited him and the two boys round for a drink! Yay! I am so pleased that they are all getting some social life (a friend of mine I may add, just that they always go to the same football stadium) and I have another hour to hoover my bedroom [festive sad person]grin

Dd is still lurking in her room but she seems to have finally got dressed blush and is singing loudly! I fear she is going to be up again till midnight at this rate.

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