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Anyone fancy a debate about tumble dryer vs Lakeland heated clothes airer?

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Lavenderhoney Sat 28-Dec-13 17:42:32

I am moving and the house I am renting doesn't have a tumble dryer. I have one now though, but its with this house and won't be coming along.

I have read on here about the wonders of the heated airer and am dithering whether to get that instead. I don't have hoards of clothes so need a speedy turnaround, not expensive to run and dries bed linen quickly and effectively as well.

So.. Pros and cons? Ironing after.. I always iron clothes, and have no plans to stopsmile will air dried stuff be all crispy? Thanks!

armsandtheman Sat 28-Dec-13 17:50:28

I have both and if I had to choose 1 I'd go for my Lakeland drier.

Pros: Good surface area, cheap to run, you can dry everything on them, dries large sheets evenly (not sure why I can't dry them in drier but they ball up).

Cons: things are crispier and take longer to dry (although I have dried jeans overnight).

Tumble drier is quicker and makes things softer, but can ruin clothes and is much more expensive to run.

Fingers crossed for free sunshine for drying this summer!

armsandtheman Sat 28-Dec-13 17:52:33

Ironing - I never iron clothes unless I really have to. Just hang them neatly on drier, on hangers around edge if a dress I want to hang well. I hate ironing!

oldbaghere Sat 28-Dec-13 17:54:32

I'd say tumble drier. It's quicker and the footprint is smaller. A condenser one can go in a corner. I had a lakeland drier. it lasted two months before one side stopped working and I had to return it.

It was massive. Overpowered the whole living room. And towels and jeans were crispy.

Lavenderhoney Sun 29-Dec-13 03:53:08

Thanks! I hate crispy towels, so looks like a tumble dryer so far!

GandalfsPointyHat Sun 29-Dec-13 04:01:57

I have a condenser tumble drier. It lives in the airing cupboard, doesn't need a vent. Have stopped using softner in the washing mashine and use lenor tumble dryer sheets instead (which, for some bizarre reason, i can only get at the co-op or amazon for a hefty price, but i digress...) dry my duvets over the bannister when the tumble drier is running, dry in a couple of hours. Just to remember to spin as much water out of your washing in the machine before you tumble dry. Love mine, i have a bosch avantixx 8kg. No experience of the heated dryer sorry.

chocaholic73 Sun 29-Dec-13 20:20:57

I have both. The tumble dryer is no good for socks and knickers and more delicate things but is great for towels, sheets and more resilient clothing. The Lakeland airer is good for the undies and things that won't tolerate tumble dryer.

Lavenderhoney Thu 02-Jan-14 20:50:24

Decided on a tumble drier- really miss it! Thanks for all the advicesmile

SisterMerror Thu 02-Jan-14 21:06:20

I have both and I love both of them but if I could only have one it would be the tumble drier. So I think you've made a good choice! smile

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