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The big declutter!!

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HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sat 28-Dec-13 16:41:44

Today is day 1 of my big declutter and so far I have done...nothing blush

Actually, that's not true. Ds and I went to town and bought a new shredder (I broke the last one by accidentally putting a plastic decoration in it!!).

I did have a head start and cleared a couple of cupboards last night but I really need to get off my backside and get decluttering.

I have 5 days 4 now to sort out my house. It has to be done.

For the next two hours, I am going to declutter the bathroom and get the washing on.

Anyone with me?

winklewoman Tue 25-Feb-14 12:46:06

Hi Iorek the only problem with linking in chat is that you are exposing your slatternly self to all of MN, rather than the sympathetic sisters on this forum.

I have sorted out my knicks and tights and bras, and have chucked out countless tights, those with holes however tiny and those which have acquired a rubbed and knobbly look, and have tried on every bra and got rid of all things saggy and greyish. Lunch time now.

IorekByrnisonsArmour Thu 20-Feb-14 19:16:35

Had a busy day (not de-cluttering) with the DC and dogs.

winkle or we could link in a chat thread just for pictures?

Anyone any ideas? I have regularly taken photos of before and after to give myself a kick to get started.

Will take more than pics at the moment, I'm knackered grin

winklewoman Thu 20-Feb-14 17:00:35

Iorek, I will think about it. I don't have a profile so must do that first. There was a pre-Christmas thread about oven cleaning on 'Chat' where you can post photos and I shamelessly flaunted before and after pictures of my filthy then sparkling oven.
I have chucked out a huge bag of ancient makeup today, it would have made a picturesque image.
Sadly not much sign of DH's cellar clear out, but he has had some work-connected things to do despite being theoretically on holiday, so is forgiven.

IorekByrnisonsArmour Thu 20-Feb-14 09:49:10

Hi all!!!

Just catching up ( like star we have had the lurgy forever so progress has stalled)

Just wanted to say, before I forget, photos are a good idea winkle can you put them on your profile? Then we can all admire each others (your) progress?

Returning to RTFT now smile

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Tue 18-Feb-14 11:43:25

Winkle - I find it very easy to make decisions about ds' things...mostly, I am happy to let them go. There are one or two things that I think I he should keep but the rest is fine to go grin...he almost always disagrees with me hmmgrin!!!

I am very envy of your dh's time off to be at home decluttering.

Ds and I are off on holiday next weekend, which is fab but means I can't take anymore holiday for a while so no chance of making big progress.

Miss - well done on the ebaying...I hope you got/get good prices!

Precious - I believe the reason for my messy home is my lack of loft/garage/cellar/shed...excuses, excuses grin. Sounds like you've made good progress, though. Re print. Could you just leave it up in the loft for now? Maybe in another few months you might feel you want to hang it up or get rid of it. I imagine it's not taking up a huge amount of space up there.

winklewoman Tue 18-Feb-14 09:28:51

DH says he is going to sort out the cellar this week as he has a few days off. It certainly needs sorting, but I am a bit wary about letting him do it unsupervised. There are a lot of my things down there, mainly craft stuff, but also some toys from my childhood - and we are going back a long way here - (does anyone remember Bayko building sets? Precursor of Lego; very precious).
I am perfectly capable of making intelligent decisions when it comes to throwing out his rubbish, but I don't believe he has similar discernment when it comes to mine. Anyone else feel the same?

MissAnnersleyismyhero Tue 18-Feb-14 07:40:46

glad others are in the same boat at least HHH, winkle smile

I might bag up all the scarves which I never wear anyway and put them somewhere to see if I miss them. There is literally a whole drawer crammed full!

On the other hand I eBayed about 30 items from my jewlery/accessories so feeling better on that front!

Preciousbane Mon 17-Feb-14 22:51:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FreelanceMama Mon 17-Feb-14 12:37:57

Before and after photos are a great idea! Not sure if I read about them here or elsewhere but I used to do it when I had a garden - to make me feel reassured I'd made a difference - but haven't thought about doing it to my decluttering.

Shoes, scarves and make-up - I think I must have become really lazy about my appearance since I became a freelancer. When you work at home a lot, comfort is the way forward, so I almost never wear makeup (ditched all but a handful of stuff), just ditched a load of hats, gloves and scarves, and shoes have reduced down to ones that are essential for smart outfits.

My weakness is books. I love having shelves of reference material - non-fiction stuff. And craft stuff.

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Mon 17-Feb-14 11:50:39

Miss - I am exactly the same but trying to change my ways!! Scarves are a big weakness of mine, too but I did put a couple of eBay and got a reasonable price for them. Also, shoes are an issue here. Most of them weren't good enough to be sold or donated to charity shop but I hate throwing things in the bin. I eventually asked at the charity shop if they could recycle them. They can so I got rid of loads!!! The barely worn ones? Hmm, it's an ongoing battle grin

Winkle - I have the original handheld dyson and it is fab!! I believe the newer ones are much improved but unfortunately, twice the price!!

Three of my FB sale items have sold, yippee!! Ally pleased and it's cleared a nice little space in my bedroom!!

winklewoman Mon 17-Feb-14 11:41:12

Hi HHH, yes thank you we had a lovely weekend, during the course of which we admired DS's Dyson rechargeable stick vacuum. I have been seriously envious of this since our last visit, but they are expensive, around £279, though be got his cheaper from Ebay.

Back home now, but decluttering will wait until tomorrow.

MissAnnersley, we are kindred spirits. Yes to shoe and scarf problem. Also the perennial cosmetic pile up. I have lots of little tubes containing assorted potions, used once or twice then abandoned as they did not instantly transform me into a heavenly goddess. I shall have to harden my heart and chuck. The situation has been exacerbated by DH's Valentine's oresent - Clinique concoctions, and because he bought so many he got the 'Bonus Gift' - yes, yet more little optimistic tubes.

I wish we had the photo option on this forum. We could all show proud 'before and after' pics and cheer each other on.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Mon 17-Feb-14 09:26:39

I'm jumping straight in to say that I have done the easier stuff (we moved house in the summer and I did a mega de-clutter then) but that it's now down to the hard stuff... a drawer full of scarves I never wear, a cupboard full of shoes ditto. But they are lovely and I might wear them sometime... help!

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sun 16-Feb-14 20:56:29

Starfish - well done with the junk mail! There are mountains of it here!

Winklewoman - hope you've had a lovely you feel motivated to go home and declutter? I usually do if I've been somewhere that is decluttered and ordered. However, the feeling has normally worn off by e time I get home grin!!

Freelancemama - grin Sounds like brilliant progress!!

Not quite sure what happend to the rest of yesterday. After my lunch break, I didn't seem to get much done blush.

My family came over for lunch today which forced me to tidy up first so at least the 'seen' bits of my house are tidy.

Also, one of my FB items has sold, been paid for and collected. I'm delivering another two (big items) tomorrow so should clear a bit more space in my room.

Ds and I went through our summer clothes. We're going on holiday next weekend so I'm hoping to pack in plenty of time instead of the usual last minute panic. So far, the suitcase is empty and my bed is covered in clothes!! Going to get the iron out and get some of it ironed and packed.

FreelanceMama Sun 16-Feb-14 20:29:21

Finally made some progress today - trip to the charity shop to ditch one sack clothes and two bags of toys and books, and a picnic hamper, and a yoga mat. Listing the old printer on freecycle this week with some hand weights. Kicked DP to keep going sorting all his boxes of papers out. Feet a bit sore from kicking!

winklewoman Sun 16-Feb-14 09:47:51

HelloBoys, yes that repetative investment info is so excessve. I also regret opening a couple of bank accounts with Santander. The amount of stuff which comes from them is unbelievable.
This weekend we are staying with DS1 and his DP. The house is pristine, admittedly they have had a lot of work done which has now been completed so they are at that stage where you are in love with your beautiful house and do not want a speck of dust or misplaced cup to sully it. Nevertheless, I suspect they will continue along these lines, proving that a disposition to hoard and clutter is not genetic. Just as well, really.

starfishmummy Sat 15-Feb-14 22:32:23

We all had the lurgy from before xmas until mid January so piles of papers and junk mail had built up. Started to sort it the other day and ds -who was off school.was driving me dotty basking what every piece of paper was. In the end I gave him a pile of stuff and asked him to out it in the recycling basket in the hall. Which he did happily. By the time he got back I had another oiled ready to give him


HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sat 15-Feb-14 14:49:30

Bed done and 4 things on FB. Just about to list 5th item on eBay then a quick break to make ds some lunch and remove him from his Xbox!!

Next to do, sort out Summer clothes. Clearout the wardrobe and refill with clothes that are likely to be worn!! That should take the best part of 10 2 hours.

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sat 15-Feb-14 13:42:55

Damn it!! Today was going to be the day for decluttering but I have got sidetracked!!

Right, I need serious motivating (or a swift kick up the rear!!).

I am in my bedroom and have no idea where to start. There's so much stuff dumped in here sad.

Ok, going to start by changing bedding. Next, find 5 things to put on eBay/FB. I'll be back smile

Please, no judgy replies...can't cope with it today!!!

HelloBoys Wed 12-Feb-14 11:50:42

Hiccup and Winkle

I think with me I have to get into a mood (the zone) about whether to throw stuff out. otherwise I have stuff for YEARS.

Winkle - yes I have envelope files but main stuff is investment which I will ask them to send me online if they can, it's literally EVERY MONTH or two weeks, why?!

Does anyone have ideas for storage? for bedroom really. I have my living room etc sorted out.

I have an old wardrobe which is big and clunky with four drawers and a rail, a huge 4 and 2 drawer chest of drawers, and a four drawer plastic storage unit (all for clothes). I also have a 3 drawer (I think) unit for makeup, cosmetics, knickers.

Wish I could streamline but how and where... ideas would be great.

winklewoman Wed 12-Feb-14 11:25:28

Well bin cupboard now looks beautiful as I lined the back and sides as well as the bottom. The Lakeland metallic shelf liner is very good, in that it is sturdy and adheres very well, but because it comes in stupidly short lengths and is quite narrow there is a lot of wastage unless you patch bits together which rather spoils the look.

Helloboys, I agree about the dilemma of what to do with paperwork. I tend to keep everything and bung it into envelope files, which fill up, take up a lot of room and eventually fall to bits. I'd love to know the solution.

You have inspired me to have a go at ancient cosmetic stuff by the way.

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Mon 10-Feb-14 13:42:01

Winkle - your dh sounds like he's worth keeping grin

Hello - welcome!! Sounds like you've made a good start smile

I have done zero decluttering since New Year but have pretty much kept on top of the progress I made then.

My next goal is to try and get upstairs into a better state. I text my mum earlier to ask if she'll have ds for the weekend so I can have two days to make a start on it. He's more than big enough to spend the whole weekend infront of the tv/Xbox but I feel horribly guilty when it does happen so at least if he's at mum's he'll have a bit of a change of scenery!!

HelloBoys Mon 10-Feb-14 10:52:34

If I have not joined may I join now?


I am not bad with clutter eg in living room but sometimes in bedroom and living room it gets a lot. I have 2 bookshelves in both rooms. Went through both at weekend and have ditched 20 books I haven't read - ditched = charity shop or to give to DB's FIL who's housebound and an avid reader.

Went through perfumes - undecided what to do with them. But sorted through a few bottles (hair stuff, body oils etc) and emptied ones not used, emptied, stuff I will never use.

I also went through receipts, papers. I mean what does one do with it all?! Investment companies/pension companies, plans etc keep sending me rubbish. do I keep most recent?

winklewoman Mon 10-Feb-14 10:37:59

Where is everyone?
Reporting for duty here.

Kitchen cupboards' contents sorted and bottles and jars with a teaspoonful left in chucked as well as antique herbs.

Everything lined metallically and gleaming apart from the hell hole that is the built in cupboard where the bin is kept. I love our kitchen, we had it built by a local carpenter in a plain wood style to match the big old dresser. But unlike most modern kitchens, the insides were uncoated wood. We should have done something about sealing or lining at the outset, but never got around to it until now, 13 years on.

You can imagine what the inside of the bin cupboard looks like, or maybe happier not imagining it. I just could not face it and was trying to pretend it did not exist. DH however asked if I was going to treat it to metal lining to match the rest. He saw the look I gave him and instantly offered to do the necessary preliminary cleaning. So I armed him with my hand steamer, a bottle of liquid soda crystals, and left him to it, explaining that unless you remove every tiny bit of dirt and the surface is completely flat, Lakeland's finest will not stick. So he has just brought me up another cup of coffee as I lie in bed MNetting and Candycrushing, (you can see why I don't LTB) and announced he is off into town to get some heavy duty sandpaper to deal with everything defeated by steamer and soda.

So, work in progress, looking forward to its conclusion.
What are the rest of you up to?

FreelanceMama Mon 03-Feb-14 20:29:59

Damn. Have not done much for days. Nearly got started listing baby stuff on eBay then realised it all needed ironing and it was getting late so listed one thing!

Need to get the pace going again... Oh, did find a local car boot sale which I could have a stall at - hopefully that'll prompt me to get sorting.

winklewoman Sat 01-Feb-14 14:33:34

I have chucked out large piles of old magazines plus torn out recipes and one or two cook books. We've got one of those huge Victorian dressers in the kitchen and all that stuff lived in the bottom cupboards, together, rather disconcertingly, with some mouse droppings. I have been looking reproachfully at our obviously idle cat.

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