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Steam mops - have possibles - cheapies only.

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averyyoungkitten Fri 27-Dec-13 16:35:56

I know there are reviews on these in MN but cant find those I am looking at - probably because I am being cheapskate and want one under £30. OH wont let me justify the cost otherwise.

I have read reviews until I am cross eyed.

I have it down now to the following (reviews on Amazon, Argos, Revoo and others and various other places). So does anyone have any of the following and can you recommend it or not?

a) Designer Habitat
b) Hot mop
c) Vida
d) Prolex (from B&M stores) but cant find anything on it.

Or if someone knows a cheap good one I would be grateful.

My floors are mainly lino/sheet vinyl for this (kitchen and bathroom).


GobbysMum Thu 02-Jan-14 21:05:40

I just got one from Sainsburys, it is their own brand and 29.99 in the half price sale. Every bit as good as the Vax s2 it replaces. In fact the micro fibre pads are even better. Worth a look if you have a Sainsbury near.

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