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this is Christmassy, come over here: cat piss Vs feather sofa cushions :(

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LowLevelWhinging Fri 27-Dec-13 09:33:20

is it doomed?

is there ANYTHING I can try?

the covers are like crushed velvety stuff - not machine washable.

it's fucked isn't it? sad

DowntonTrout Fri 27-Dec-13 09:37:34

I feel for you.

My cat flap must have got jammed in the strong winds and my cat couldn't get out. He has peed on the sofa and elsewhere. It stinks.

I have removable covers and have washed them, but not the actual seat cushions/pads.

No advice I'm afraid, but interested to hear what others say.

Showtime Sat 28-Dec-13 15:23:29

Bicarb might work, or even powdery cat litter, otherwise I'd try Febreze, preferably outdoors.

LovesBaublingTheTreeAgain Sat 28-Dec-13 15:24:51

If it's fucked anyway is washing them really gonna make them worse?

AwkwardSquad Sun 29-Dec-13 10:22:29

Might be too late but you could try Johnson's 'Clean n Safe stain and odour remover'. It's a biological cleaner for removing pet 'odours'.

When next door's kitten pissed on our sofa it (the sofa!) ended up at the tip. The kitten peed down the edge between the seat and the arm. Impossible to get out.

LowLevelWhinging Mon 30-Dec-13 20:31:58

fair point on washing them Baubles. I'll get some of the Johnson's stuff, worth a try.

The cushions are still in exile in the conservatory. Haven't managed to muster the time/energy to deal with them.

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