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Has anyone found a perfect Duck Egg Blue paint?

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pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:10:37

Im searching for a duck egg blue paint but I now have 8 testers on the walls and none are right.

Has anyone else got this type of colour and can tell me what paint it is?

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:16:50

it is a very hard colour to get right

when we bought our cottage the sitting room was a gorgeous duck egg blue colour, the previous owner left some of the paint behind and it was from Sandersons.

Farrow and Ball don't have one and as that is the only paint we buy (not for ponce reasons, dh gets a discount!) I can't help you.

The Paint Library is also another great place for beautifully coloured paint.

pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:18:59

My eyes are now so defuzzled from looking and comparing adn searching that Ive now lost from my minds eye what colour Im actually looking for!

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:21:24

ah yes

but I presume you mean a proper 1930's colour

there is a fine line between duck egg blue/pale blue/eau de nil

also most of the pikey paint manufacturers call something duck egg blue when they clearly no idea of the true colour [sniffy emoticon]

glitterfairy Tue 18-Jul-06 09:24:38

Firde earth have some wonderful colours. The one they call duck egg blue is not though imo but they have some that are more like duck egg blue to me.

pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:28:57

Its SO annoying

pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:30:05

This is Fired Earth version

this is not what im thinking

Piffle Tue 18-Jul-06 09:30:12

laura ashley although I found it too sky blue so I used their eau de nil and it is what I would call duck egg blue...

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:30:17

where do you livre?>

pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:30:30

I have a brown leather sofa that I cant afford to replace so the colour needs to go really well with that (the colour in my head does)

pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:31:12

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne

I think homebase stock laura ashley paints dont they?

I swear to god I could have built a new house the money I have spent on tester pots!

glitterfairy Tue 18-Jul-06 09:31:58

Yes the fired earth one is too dark but they have others which as I said are more like the one in my head!Greeny blue and not so dark.

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:32:39

the Sea Beet colour looks good on here

glitterfairy Tue 18-Jul-06 09:32:58

Also if you could get a sample of the colour in a pen of a duck egg Dulux could match it for you allegedly!

pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:35:45

Cant find sea beet on there enid?

If I put my head in dulux special machine will they extract the correct colour!

Legacy Tue 18-Jul-06 09:36:51

We have what I consider to be a 'real' Duck Egg Blue in our downstairs loo.... and it WAS from one of those "pikey paint manufacturers" - Dulux <<tosses head and gives Enid a snotty look >>
it was one where it was mixed specially in one of those Dulux colour mixers they have in B&Q etc - so not on the general paint card/ booklet, but chosen from the millions of little strips on display.

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:37:31

sorry click on SHOP then paints

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:37:55

lol @ head
lol @ legacy

pecka Tue 18-Jul-06 09:37:57

hmmmmmm not much chance of being able to buy the same one then - I dont suppose you remember which strip it was on!!!

Legacy Tue 18-Jul-06 09:53:45

No, sorry ...

But if you can get to one of those Dulux mixing places all the colour strips are on display. All I would say, is, take it home and look at it in the light of the room you're talking about. Or take something the right colour with you to 'match'.

We were looking for a colour to match John Lewis 'Isodora' fabric...see this example on eBay: Isadora

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:54:33

ooh thats the runner we have on our dining table

Legacy Tue 18-Jul-06 09:56:09

aha! so not so pikey now then.....

We have a blind in our downstairs loo made from it!

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:57:03

John Lewis just creeps in over the pikey barrier in my mind

Legacy Tue 18-Jul-06 09:58:23

Mocha and Duck Egg are my absolutely FAVOURITE colours this year...

Enid Tue 18-Jul-06 09:58:56

I think you will find PINK and mocha very hot soon

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