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Help I have maggots in my bin!!!!

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Rach32 Wed 12-Jul-06 10:35:00

Been on holiday for a week and the bin was emptied today. The combination of hot weather and dirty nappies (even though they were in nappy sacks) has caused the bin to stink and when I looked inside I found some maggots. I have just put some bleach and boiling water inside to kill the maggots but I cant get rid of the smell. Any ideas???

themoon66 Wed 12-Jul-06 10:37:05

Stardrops cleaning fluid.... but only buy the one with ammonia.

Kelly1978 Wed 12-Jul-06 10:37:40

hot water and chopped lenmons? Vinegar?

emmawill Wed 12-Jul-06 10:38:18

Oh there're horrible things aren't they! I think you've done what you should I would put it outside somewhere safe with tons of bleach and leave it for the day and then early evening give it a scrub with degerent.

Good luck

Piffle Wed 12-Jul-06 10:38:59

buy about 8 pakcets of baking soda
sprinkle in bin leave overnight hosue out again in the morning

Gillian76 Wed 12-Jul-06 10:39:28

New bin?

Would be my only solution, I'm afraid...

dewmeadow Wed 12-Jul-06 10:39:33


YellowFeathers Wed 12-Jul-06 10:42:49

For £2, we had someone clean our bin with a power washer and some smelly stuff every other week.
Never had maggots since.

TinyGang Wed 12-Jul-06 10:43:42

Caustic soda. Be careful though, it's nasty stuff, but works.

I have to get dh to deal with anything remotely maggoty. They just make me want to run about in hysterics I HAAATE them and flies too.

colditz Wed 12-Jul-06 10:48:10

Ugh ugh ugh ugh

blow it up

themoon66 Wed 12-Jul-06 10:54:29

Yellowfeathers - you can hire someone to clean your wheelie bins?? Like the oven cleaning companies you mean?? Sounds fantastic.

Greensleeves Wed 12-Jul-06 11:11:46

Please, have the whole house encased in lead and dropped in the middle of the Pacific. Today. NOW. <<shuddering uncontrollably>>

southeastastra Wed 12-Jul-06 11:48:33

just get some cheap disinfectant, pour in with hot water and leave the lid open, it'll soon clear. although greensleeves suggestion is probably the most effective

fredly Wed 12-Jul-06 15:50:33


Greensleeves Wed 12-Jul-06 17:00:38

Have they gone yet?

<<cowers gibbering in darkened corner>>

cece Wed 12-Jul-06 17:27:12

Arghhh me too.

Our bins are only collected once a fortnight, and they writh with maggots all the time. It is DISGUSTING. I am currently on a writing campaign to get them to collect weekly.

Jeyes fluid and spray with fly spray.

MrsBadger Wed 12-Jul-06 17:29:59

We don't have a wheely bin, just a regular dustbin, and I haven't noticed maggots, but I do put an inch or two of cat litter in the bottom to absorb any leaks from the binbags - keeps smells down too.
Guess you'd have to replace it a lot if your bins get tipped up straight into the dustcart though.

Rach32 Wed 12-Jul-06 21:25:51

Update - the bleach and hot water killed the maggots - hurrah!! I also got DH to pressure wash the wheelie bin this evening and its looking sparkly clean although still a bit smelly. Going to leave it overnight and hopefully the smell will go. I have to say though I am quite proud of how well I responded to the maggot situation - considering I normally run a mile at anything like that I kept calm and dealt with it myself!

saltire Thu 13-Jul-06 10:56:09

cece, interetsing about your bin having maggots. Our bins are due to be emptied fortnightly, starting in March, and when i asked about nmaggots, and the possibilty of them being in the bins , espec in hot weather, i was told
"Don't be silly Mrs Saltire, the gestation period of a maggot is three weeks, hence the reason we can empty them safely on a 2 weeks basis"
Of course there will be maggots everywhere,anyway, because my bin is full to the brim every week, so i don't know where i'm going to put my excess rubbish.

themoon66 Thu 13-Jul-06 11:04:29

God I hope the two weekly bin emptying doesnt catch on too much. I couldn't handle that. I might have to only pay half my council tax as a response. My wheelie bin is full to the top after 6 days.

Greensleeves Thu 13-Jul-06 11:06:14

Ours are emptied every two weeks. I have to give the bins a wide birth when I come in and out of the house, I am so phobic . It's disgusting really, a shoddy service.

southeastastra Thu 13-Jul-06 11:06:28

perhaps the council will give us another box for 'live' things like maggots

i don't know how we'll cope either, we have to clean all the labels off glass and plastics too argh

Greensleeves Thu 13-Jul-06 11:06:38


themoon66 Thu 13-Jul-06 11:10:41

I agree with recycling/different boxes for stuff, but only coming to empty bins once a fortnight is seriously taking the piss.

I live down a pretty country lane and the flytipping is bad enough already. If bins get emptied less, there will be even more folks coming to leave their crap down my lane coz its too far to drive to the dump.

desperateSCOUSEwife Thu 13-Jul-06 11:13:19

put bi-carb in bin

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