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Carpet cleaning

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mollysmum82 Tue 19-Nov-13 10:03:03

Hello, we're desperate to sell our house and we've had a few viewings with mostly positive feedback. However the only negative people have mentioned is the carpets. They're not horrendous, but as we've moved all the furniture out any stains are a lot more obvious. So I wondered if anyone could recommend any carpet cleaning machines or chemicals that could do the whole house? Or would anyone recommend a professional carpet steaming service? Thanks so much for any advice.

ZooTimeIsSheAndYouTime Tue 19-Nov-13 10:06:34

I would get them professionally done as a one off as the machines they use are probably going to be more effective than domestic steamers. Have a look in yellow pages etc for local companies. Sometimes they have offers on.

EvelinMichaels Wed 12-Mar-14 12:41:00

I recommend you to book professional carpet steam cleaning. This method includes injection of very hot water and efficient non-toxic detergent and with special equipment all the dirt will be extracted.

PottedPlant Wed 12-Mar-14 15:37:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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