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Freezer door stuck- Hotpoint Quadrio

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jollyboysmum Mon 18-Nov-13 20:52:25

Can anyone advise me on how to release the lower door of my freezer? I'm loathed to defrost it as stocked with goodies. The website 'help' page is useless. Please help! Thanks.

Ionlywantitall Tue 19-Nov-13 23:23:27

I have the same fridge freezer to op. my sympathies. .....I have bought a cheap under counter fridge as the blasted thing is so unreliable!

Honestly, that is my advice- because pretty soon you'll find that the fridge won't work while the freezer will. It's because the cooler pipe feeding the fridge is blocked. The trusty second fridge can be used when you're defrosting your freezer for a bloody week!

It's cheaper that paying their engineer to o the same job and you don't have to take a day off work.

dtidley Tue 02-Dec-14 09:58:06

This happened to us too - fridge intermittently doesn't work but freezer is fine - after less than a year. Hotpoint tried and failed to fix it and we've bought a Samsung - what a waste of £800!!

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