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Polyflor vinyl floor - any experience?

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Sunningdale46 Mon 28-Oct-13 21:49:37

Has anyone had this wood effect flooring fitted and if so would you recommend it? We are considering it for hallway/kitchen/diner/possibly bathroom and being quoted £30 per sq mt including fitting. Does that sound reasonable??

isabelle45 Sun 05-Jun-16 21:33:02

I know this is an old post but out of curiosity did you have it fitted and how was it? It seems to be a lot cheaper than karndean /amtico but not sure how it compares ?

CornishTea Mon 06-Jun-16 06:11:23

Ive heard most are just as good as Karndean etc. Im told Karndean is an expensive brand and people get sucked in by it. My friend has Karndean and its scratched quite a bit.

Im looking at a cheaper LVT, my local carpet shop on an industrial estate lets you take samples home.

Ive been quoted £500 to have flooring supplied & fitted by them in my kitchen, hall & loo.

A posher shop on the high street quoted £850 for the same flooring.

wowfudge Mon 06-Jun-16 08:17:48

Hi there - we had Polyflor Colonia fitted in our old bathroom. It looked like oak flooring and was textured. It was very practical, easy to clean and didn't scratch.

We have moved into a house with Amtico and Karndean used around the place. Most of the flooring has been down for over ten years. None of it is textured, but the flooring in the hall and kitchen is scratched. In the kitchen it is less noticeable because that is a lighter colour.

My parents have Amtico in their kitchen (textured wood look) and Karndean in the bathroom. Both are wearing well and the kitchen flooring has been down about 8 years. My parents are careful though - would always lift rather than dragging things across the floor, etc.

As for pricing - Amtico tends to be most expensive, followed by Karndean. Polyflor is cheaper and they started as a commercial flooring supplying - I believe M&S use Polyflor. Quikstep Livin is quite expensive. There are lots of other brands out there if you speak to a specialist supplier and I've been told there isn't much between them in terms of quality. Good fitting is essential.

isabelle45 Mon 06-Jun-16 20:56:27

Thanks it is useful to know, as there does seem to be a big price difference between polyflor, kardnean and amtico . If there isn't a big difference in quality it makes sense to have the polyflor. I was just hesitant because everyone seems to say how good karnean/amtico is but i haven't really heard anyone with first hand experience of polyflor or someone who has been able to compare them in real life use. It seems like it is worth shopping around also.

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