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ceramic hob - Should I ditch it?

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Betty5313 Wed 16-Oct-13 17:20:09

We have just moved house and have inherited a neff ceramic hob. I've always had gas before, and I cook a lot (everything from scratch, every day, due to a child with multiple food allergies).

I just can't get on with it! takes ages to heat up, then when you have finally got something to the boil you can't just turn the plate down to simmer it because it takes so long to react, if you don't move the pan to a cooler hob it boils over. but moving hot pans with boiling liquid isn't exactly safe%

is there a technique for cooking on these that works? or should I just abandon it?

I think our other option would be induction, is this anywhere near comparable to gas, especially for ease of turning down the heat?

we have gas heating but no gas spur into the kitchen I think putting one in for s gas hob would be £££ wouldn't it?

ps thanks to you lovely people I have ovenu coming to tackle the awful dirty oven!

MrsAMerrick Wed 16-Oct-13 23:10:29

We have just had an induction hob fitted, and it is really responsive. We don't have gas at all where we live, and did have a range cooker with solid hotplates, which was a nightmare. Before that, in a previous house, we had a ceramic hob, but the induction is so much better. It's difficult for me to compare with gas as it's many years since I lived in a house with mains gas, but from cooking at my parents and in holiday homes, I would say induction is pretty much as responsive as gas. The one advantage of induction over gas is that the hob is so much easier to clean as it's basically glass (looks like a ceramic hob ).
TBH, it did take me a few weeks to get used to the induction hob, but now I wouldn't swap it for the world.

delasi Wed 16-Oct-13 23:23:48

It's not ceramic hobs in general, but some are awful. So, unfortunately, there isn't really a technique. I was so put off them for years due to one I had use of in a rented place which was practically useless. However in our current place we have a ceramic hob and it works brilliantly, works just as well as our previous gas hob but easier to clean!

If you're thinking of actually replacing the hob, then look for some recommendations for decent electric hobs (sorry I don't have any blush the one we use now was fitted about 10 years ago and the manufacturer no longer exists). However I know a lot of people who've had induction hobs fitted and say they're excellent, so if I had to fit an electric hob I would be opting for induction.

Betty5313 Fri 18-Oct-13 20:41:46

thank you both smile we have decided to find out how much putting in the gas will be, but are resigned to it being probably too expensive. I think we wwill be doing our research on induction hobs and saving up for one.

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