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how do I get rid of stuff that I am sentimentally attached to?

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VerySmallSqueak Wed 16-Oct-13 14:10:13

DON'T get rid of it.
Just get rid of some of it.

I think people are to fast to throw everything away at the moment. Obviously there has to be a limit to what you keep,but decide what are treasures and what can go.

Gatekeeper Wed 16-Oct-13 14:08:02

thank you; my husband is the least sentimental person I know and would chuck it all out so I need to get things moving!

Good idea about taking photos; I really hadn't thought of that one so will do that with some of them.
Daren't get dc involved as they are worse than me esp v. sensitive ds who would weep at the sight of his manky old blanket going in the bin smile

Has anyone ever had things 'framed' in one of those box frame thingies? Was talking to someone at the nursing home my Ma is in and she suggested this. Like a normal picture frame but deep so you can frame shoes etc

Actually...I've said dh was the least sentimental person I know etc etc but have just remembered that he clung on to his 'blankie' till he was eight when his Ma threw it out on the sly! It has traumatised him for life grin

JohFlow Wed 16-Oct-13 13:32:47

So I guess the question is how to select one memory over another? I would keep major ocassion (e.g. christening) items, first pieces -locks of hair, first shoes etc. I would get rid of any items in duplicate. Or any items that make you feel more sad than happy.

I would select a container OR box to put all your items in. Tell yourself that anything that does not fit into it must go. This may help you to focus on your selections more. Ask yourself why you are really keeping items as you pick them up. Is anything actually so damaged that it would muddy any fond memory by looking at it.

Is there a way to keep the memories alive without the actual objects? (the camera suggested by Special is a good one) Are the memory boxes to give to your children later? If so; which objects would they get the most joy from?

Perhaps your children can help you with the process. It will be a sharing experience and you will be able to see what they naturally skip over.

It's alright for some objects just be objects - without any special meaning.

Some items may be worth more financially than sentimentally. I would sell these and put the money into the new 'hang out zone' (which sounds cool).

Looking through memories sometimes does involve a level of grieving. It's o.k. to recognise that in yourself. Grieving is a natural part of change - and indeed life improvement. It's good to have a cry, a laugh or any other feeling you want to whilst doing your sorting. Family can support you with this.

Just tell yourself how organised and free the space will feel after your sorting.

DoYourKegels Wed 16-Oct-13 13:08:36

Gatekeeper I am the same. sad. No wisdom here, sorry. sad

specialsubject Wed 16-Oct-13 11:06:54

the digital camera is your friend. Take photos of all the shoes and clothes, then get rid of them. Ditto the drawings.

books go to the charity shop.


magimedi Wed 16-Oct-13 11:06:52

Take it slowly. Do only half an hour/45 minutes at a time & set a timer.

Sort it into ds stuff & dd stuff. Then maybe by year & keep one or two things from each year. Chose your favourites.

Gatekeeper Wed 16-Oct-13 10:31:15

I am just about to declutter loft as have promised ds he can have it as his 'hang-out zone' when he is ten (in March). He will have to share it with me as it is my craft area as well but I have my fabrics and stuff all put away in drawers etc.Not a problem

The problem is that I also keep the 'memories' boxes up there and there are just too many of them; ds and dd's first slippers and shoes, christening stuff, clothes, books, drawings- piles of stuff. However, when I try to get rid of stuff I feel almost grief sorting through it. Sadness that the baby years are gone and I won't have any more children etc. I know logically that I am being daft as I am adding more stuff every year but I am finding it very hard to 'let go'

Advice please oh-wise-ones

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