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Bed sheets made from linen

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Notcontent Sat 12-Oct-13 22:54:37

I would like to get a duvet cover and pillowcases made from linen. I would like something good quality but the cost is putting me off. It feels like such an extravagance. John lewis have some but only white while I would like a different colour. Haven't seen it stocked in many other places. I know ikea and H&m do them too, but not sure what the quality is like. The H&M ones are very cheap but website says that they recommend tumble drying, which I thought you are not supposed to do with linen...
I live the look of Libeco ones but they are so expensive...

Do you have any, and if so, where from?

Sunnyshores Sun 13-Oct-13 19:32:06

I have a cheapish set from LaRedoute. It has an 'envelope' closing - which I hate, but the linen is good quality.

Notcontent Mon 14-Oct-13 22:44:50

Thanks Sunny.

Anyone else with linen bed linen???

MortaIWombat Mon 14-Oct-13 22:51:07

Yes. My grandmother's. Invest in the good stuff!

ercoldesk Mon 14-Oct-13 22:53:02

We got some from Ikea - not sheets, but pillowcase and quilt cover. DD loves it, tumble dried it is sooo soft. Not at all sure how it will last though - definitely not heritage quality!

Notcontent Mon 14-Oct-13 23:14:46

Thanks ladies.
I think I will bite the bullet and invest in something more expensive. I have been tempted by the ikea and other cheaper ones but my concern is that they may be scratchy without tumble drying... I don't even own a tumble dryer and I was always under the impression that linen is not supposed to be tumble dried. Hmmm

And it seems to be quite hard to source. John lewis only has white.

Sleepyhoglet Mon 14-Oct-13 23:17:38

Got a king size set with 2 oxfprd pillowcases, pure linen, Hobbs for only £35 on ebay. It was all brand new packaged. Killer deal. Keep checking in case something comes up.

Notcontent Mon 14-Oct-13 23:19:27

Thanks for the ebay tip!

Gatekeeper Tue 15-Oct-13 09:23:58

if you are handy with a sewing machine (or know someone who is) then how about getting some vintage linen sheets from ebay, dye them and make into a duvet?

andrewwhite865 Fri 01-Nov-13 10:41:24

you can get bed linen at

andrewwhite865 Fri 01-Nov-13 10:42:09

you can get bed linen at

EagleRay Fri 01-Nov-13 10:45:27

I've got an H&M linen set in white - pretty pleased with the quality although have never tumble dried it!

I've bought a fair bit of homewares stuff from there (apron, curtains, throw, towels, storage baskets and so on) and have found the quality to be much better than the clothes...

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