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How to get sick snell out of carpet?!!

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Jemster Sat 12-Oct-13 09:57:02

Dd was sick on the carpet the other day. Cleaned up and disinfected it but the smell is lingering! What should I use to get rid of it?

Pancakeflipper Sat 12-Oct-13 11:53:47

Bicarb of soda is your friend. Sprinkle / dump loads over carpet and leave for 24hrs then vac.

valiumredhead Sat 12-Oct-13 19:31:23


BooItTooJulia Sat 12-Oct-13 19:34:01

Yy to bicarbonate.

Use it like shake and vac, but use loads. Leave for as long as possible. Vac up. Then squeeze lemons into hot water and dab into the area. One final covering of bicarb, again, left for as long as poss, then vac up. Should be as good as new!

GobbySadcase Sat 12-Oct-13 19:34:49

Make sure carpet dry pre bicarb

yummyburger Sun 13-Oct-13 13:31:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 13-Oct-13 13:34:09

I always used to use bicarb but not dry - if you make it into a thin paste & rub that in with a cloth (gently grin), you can vac it out as soon as it's dry & the smell will be gone. It's magic!

Toffi Thu 24-Oct-13 00:06:56

Simple Solution stain and odour remover

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