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House is a shit hole, don't know where to start kinda day...

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loveliesbleeding1 Thu 10-Oct-13 11:51:56

Can you set an alarm and do literally 20 minutes of tidying?.sometimes thats enough to get the cleaning head on and then put another 20 mins on, and so on.

theothermrssoos Thu 10-Oct-13 10:38:52

So I've properly slacked just lately due to being poorly with the Plague and tooth rot and generally just can't be arsed And now the house is in such chaos I feel like just shutting the doors and marathonning Season 5 of Private Practice on LoveFilm.

Dishwasher is stacked and on. So is washing machine and tumble dryer. Cleaned the worktops. DD2 (who is almost 3) is currently sat on the toilet doing a poo and singing to herself. Surely thats enough effort for the morning, right?

I have a pile of random crap in the corner of the living room that needs sorting. Can't possibly sit and slack on t'sofa whilst that needs doing. Not that I can see it, but I know its there.

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