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Analine leather

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fossil971 Wed 09-Oct-13 11:00:20

We have similar for the last 7 years, they were Thomas Lloyd ones from sofa sofa. I think they call it semi-aniline. I have cleaned them with the Special Cleaner about twice! They have been utterly abused by two little boys and two cats = spills, scratches the lot. They have a lovely character and the various marks do just blend in. I have lots of colourful cushions and throws so it's not as if there's a pristine sofa on show - they suit a casual look.

I guess they could do with a bit of a treatment again... it's on my list...

fiorentina Wed 09-Oct-13 09:35:24

I've had some really good advice on here lately and have another question. Moving to a bigger house and want a new sofa for a open plan kitchen/dining/family area. I would like a teak coloured leather sofa as I don't want fabric to absorb cooking smells but would this be as bad? Has anyone used them with children about. I know they show marks easily but hope this would add character. Any better suggestions very welcome!

Thank you

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