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Downsizing - how to approach

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MovingBack Wed 09-Oct-13 10:15:26

Great tips, thank you - the massive clear-out has begun wink

fussychica Mon 07-Oct-13 17:58:50

Not done it myself but know people who photograph all their DCs artwork etc and then just dump it. Makes sense really unless it's particularly wonderful or special.

specialsubject Mon 07-Oct-13 17:21:23

chuck all the uni notes, if you still understand any of it you either finished the course last year or are a super intelligent alien. :-)

chuck the kids school books.

chuck the course folders unless you still use the information.

sentimental stuff - that IS allowed because the mantra is 'useful, beautiful or sentimental'. Ideally the object should meet at least two of those. If late grandma gave it to you but you don't like it any more, it is allowed to throw it.

put excess kitchen stuff on freecycle, Someone will snap it up.

BTW don't buy fabric wardrobes, collapse in seconds! Ebay, charity shop, IKEA.

MovingBack Mon 07-Oct-13 09:24:08

Thank you so much Jan49 that's very inspiring and makes me feel a bit more reassured that it can be done! I've made a list based on what you did and it's just a matter of getting on with it now. I also googled downsizing tips and they pretty much echo what you advise. Great idea about the wardrobes - where did you buy those from? The new house has no fitted furniture so I think I'll just buy the fabric wardrobes.

Thanks again, I appreciate you sharing your experience thanks

Jan49 Thu 03-Oct-13 13:36:30

I downsized and decluttered. We were living in our own 3 bed semi and are now renting a smaller terraced house two-thirds of the size and no outdoor storage or loft. There's two of us - myself and adult son with SEN.

I got rid of almost all ornaments and paintings. Anything excess to requirements like 2 flan dishes or 4 frying pans when I only ever use one, they had to go. I owned lots of bookcases which we used to store stuff in that wasn't books, so I got rid of many of those. I also gave away all our wardrobes and now just have a fabric one that folds up when not in use or for moving. When I replaced a bed, I bought one with drawers and all the bedding for the house now lives in those. Our garage was full of old broken furniture so that went. We probably had about 2000 books at one time and I liked the idea of having our own home library but it wasn't practical space wise and now we have around 400, just ones I've read and will want to read again or plan to read one day and essential reference books but only ones I think are really good and useful.

I have 2 boxes full of my son's old school stuff and plan to sort out and cut that down some time. I've long since got rid of all my own uni stuff (30 years ago). I'm now keeping some stuff boxed up which was previously in drawers or on shelves. I have archive boxes of family photos and my son has some of his childhood stuff still because he hasn't outgrown it. I probably have one box of sentimental stuff. I'm really strict about what comes into the house now.

It feels like being released from a burden and I never regret having got rid of stuff. I intend to keep decluttering. We were in a temporary furnished home with our belongings in storage last year and I didn't miss our stuff.

MovingBack Thu 03-Oct-13 12:41:20

We're moving to a smaller house but with more outside space. We're delighted with the new house but we'll definitely need to downsize our stuff! A lot of our stored stuff (in the garage) would not meet the 'useful or beautiful' criteria at all and I'm wondering what other people keep/get rid of. I'm ok on clothes and kitchen stuff - did a major cull quite recently. But what about university notes, kids school books, folders from courses I've done? What about sentimental type stuff? And ANY other tips for downsizing would be gratefully received, oh and any reassurance from people who've already done this would also be fab :-)

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