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bad smell coming from washing machine

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eenywifemum Tue 27-Jun-06 14:55:39

Every time I put a load of washing in I am nearly knocked out by a bad smell that comes from my washing machine. I've cleaned the rubber seal around the door thinking that was collecting grime but it is still there. It's sort of musty. Not only does it make doing laundry very unpleasant but I'm worried my clothes aren't being cleaned properly. Does anybody know what causes this and how I can get rid of it? Thanks for your help!

foxinsocks Tue 27-Jun-06 14:56:27

have you done a hot wash? that often gets rid of it (do it on the hottest setting)

schneebly Tue 27-Jun-06 14:56:57

Not sure but I have heard white vinegar is good for anything!!!

NomDePlume Tue 27-Jun-06 14:57:10

Have you taken the drawer out and given it thorough cleaning too ?

TheBlonde Tue 27-Jun-06 14:57:29

sorry to lazy to link

Blossomhill Tue 27-Jun-06 14:58:04

But a whole pot of bicarbonate of soda in your machine and run a 90 degrees wash.

Also lemon juice is good and also take out drawer and clean too!

tallmummy Tue 27-Jun-06 14:58:32

Does your machime have a fliter at the front that you can pull out and clean? You'll find all sorts of gubbins in there. Hard water and hair plus some really nice slime stuff if it's anything like mine.

When not in use leave door and powder draw open add a few drops of tea tree and that might help.

Got to go swimming now - hope this helps.

Dingle Tue 27-Jun-06 14:59:56

I have to put my washing machine on a hot hot wash every now and then. I put a mixture of cleaning agents in it depending on what I have in the cupboard at the time! White vinegar, dishwashing salt, dishwasher tablet....

It's not the smell so much with ours, but we live in a hard water area and get quite a lot of sludgy build up on the outside of the drum IYSWIM.

NotActuallyAMum Tue 27-Jun-06 15:03:13

Are you sure it's coming from the machine and not the pipe that connects it to the waste? We had this happen to us - the connecting pipe didn't have an 'S trap' (think that's what it was called), once we got one connected it was fine. Cost us about £5 and we fitted it ourselves

eenywifemum Tue 27-Jun-06 15:03:27

Wow thanks everybody for replying straight away! I was worried it was such a boring topic nobody would bother, I should have known better!

There is no filter that I can see - the machine is in use at the moment so I cant open the door but I am pretty sure there isnt one. When this load finishes running I will clean the drawer and do a hot load with bi-carb and lemon - I'll let you know the result! Would be nice not to nearly pass out when I open the door!

Also this is really a separate subject but I am expecting my first baby in August. I've washed all his clothes/blankets but just realised I washed them all in biological powder. Do I need to rewash everything in non-bio? Thanks again - I'll post another thread about this if nobody spots it here!

eenywifemum Tue 27-Jun-06 15:05:47

Dingle and NotActuallyAMum - Thanks I crossed posts.

NotActually - I think it is coming from the machine because I only smell it when I open the door to put laundry in. How did you find out it was the pipe?

NomDePlume Tue 27-Jun-06 15:07:25

eeny, no you don't need to rewash. Non-bio powder is not essential but some parents find it better for their baby's skin (if it is extra sensitive).

The washing machine filter isn't inside the drum itself. There will be a little flap type trap door on the front of your machine somewhere (mine is in bottom left hand corner and is about size of pub beer mat). Flip it open (you might need something to lever it open) and twist off the cap to find the filter, BEWARE though, mine always has water in it (over a cup full, I'd say) so put a towel down before you open it up !

spangles Tue 27-Jun-06 15:08:53

I have 3 kids and only ever used non bio powder straight after I had DS1. When it ran out I used biological powder and have done ever since with no probs.

eenywifemum Tue 27-Jun-06 15:13:44

NonDePlume - thanks for explaining where the filter is. I'll have a look for it when this load is done. I can see the flap thing you describe now.

And I am glad to hear baby's things dont need to be rewashed. I don't mind switching to non-bio now but I spent days and days and days laundering all of that and was dreading having to do it all again!

foxinsocks Tue 27-Jun-06 15:15:07

although lots of machines do have filters, I know that ours doesn't so if you don't find one, don't immediately think it's your fault for not finding it!

eenywifemum Tue 27-Jun-06 15:16:16

Thanks foxinsocks I know I would think I was just missing it! I'm not the most technically minded person!

NotActuallyAMum Tue 27-Jun-06 15:19:47

My friends DH is a plumber - we told him the problem and that's what he suggested. But if the smell is when you open the door yours probably is coming from within the machine itself

Salamander Tue 27-Jun-06 16:41:43

Don't worry about all this filter business and bicarbonate of soda!

it's all my smelly clothes going in there that make it stink so much

CountessDracula Tue 27-Jun-06 16:44:06

do you use liquid or those pouches of liquid? Apparantly they make the machine smelly as there is build-up

Since I started using powder tablets and not liquid my machine is whiff free

tubismybub Tue 27-Jun-06 19:36:18

There is a product for washing machines called "OUST" that I use every 4/5 moths when my machine gets a bit whiffy. The only place i've ever been able to find it is Wilkinsons. That usually works for me. Sorry haven't read whole thread but have you checked the drains outside to make sure they're not blocked. This has just happened to mine and all the dirty water just comes back up the pipe.

mears Tue 27-Jun-06 23:40:13

Adree with NotActuallyAMum cause I have had the same problem since new washing machine fitted. DH forgot to make sure S shaped pipe was there. The S shape prevents odour from coming back up from the drain and into the machine. Easy to fix.

eenywifemum Wed 28-Jun-06 12:11:28

CountessDracula, I use liquid! I will switch to powder & see if that helps.

I did a run on the machine yesterday on the hottest temp with a load of bicard - and then another with vinegar and lemon juice and it seems much better! I havent actually tried to use it today yet but if there is still a smell when I do I will get the filter cleaned out & then check the pipe.

I meant to post about this ages ago because it's been bothering me for so long, but I kept forgetting - now wishing I had done it then and saved myself the daily gross out!

mears Wed 28-Jun-06 20:33:31

Bet you need an S bend

Michathome Sat 18-Jul-15 18:53:15

Had same problem and came across a video from a company called Espares which was on Google - they gave a great video and a great product which was only £3.49 and sorted the problem out

TheOnlyPink Sat 18-Jul-15 19:09:10

This might sound really obvious, but do you close the door fully after taking out the wet clothes? It traps the moisture in the machine, and its still warm from the wash, so it gets smelly. I leave mine open for a few hours and its made such a huge difference. I read it on here!

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