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Help my oak flooring has risen

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kbaby Tue 20-Jun-06 18:17:21

Anyone know what we can do?

It was only recently fitted. The fitter says its the wood we bought and floors to go are saying its the way its been fitted!!!
Its meant to have been glued to the floor but on one part its risen up into a small bow.

How can we get it to go back down or even will it?

Cod Tue 20-Jun-06 18:18:24

Message withdrawn

waterfalls Tue 20-Jun-06 18:20:58

Afriend has had the same problems with wood flooring from floors to go, her friend is a proffesional floor layer and it has risen twice, her friend says wooden floors from floors to go often do this, and he does'nt recommend them to anybody.

LadySherlockofLGJ Tue 20-Jun-06 18:21:56

at Cod


Still at least we are keeping it bumped for you.

Cod Tue 20-Jun-06 18:26:22

Message withdrawn

Rafaella Wed 21-Jun-06 23:00:54

When wood floors are fitted they are supposed to leave a small gap around the edges to allow for inevitable expanding of wood due to temperature changes etc. We had oak flooring fitted last year and it has expanded slightly - you can notice slight changes in bare feet. Our fitter said if we had this problem he would come back and sort it out, but as it's only very slight it hasn't been necessary

NotQuiteCockney Wed 21-Jun-06 23:27:36

I think you can get it sanded down. Could it be from moisture?

We are having a similar problem, possibly from pipes in the floor? Not sure. Keeps bowing in the same place.

robinpud Thu 22-Jun-06 00:27:38

If you have fitted with a shrinkage gap under skirtings, if you made sure the timber was stored in the house for long enough to acclimatise before fitting, you made sure the floor underneath if new had dried out enough before laying.. then sit tight and wait . Wood floors are natural and they will react to the weather.
If you didn't do all of those things above, you might have to look at allowing the timber more expansion room...
play a waiting game if you can

kbaby Thu 22-Jun-06 22:06:04


We did everything correctly ie left it 12 weeks in the house before fitting, Its on an old floor so no moisture.
The problem we have is that its not a floating floor ie glued to another plank, its a fixed floor and is glued to the floor so even though expansion gaps have been left around the sides it cant actually expand into them as its stuck to the floor. This was the way the fitter recommended having it laid.

robinpud Fri 23-Jun-06 19:44:16

Mine is laid onto concrete, ie they laid a rubber mat thig and lots of glue and then the wood on top. Is this sounding familiar?

drosophila Fri 23-Jun-06 20:01:13

Contact trading standards and see where you stand. I would also get another fitter to have a look and see what they say. I had an Oak floor fitted a couple of months ago and it hasn't budged. I did use the wood recomended by th efitter though.
Also it was nailed not glued.

Rugbyboy24 Mon 04-Jan-16 13:51:57

Hi I'm a hardwood flooring fitter and have been for 25 years.
All these comments have a little truth. You know what they say a little knowledge is dangerous.
Right the solid wood should of been left in the room at least two weeks prior to fitting. This is to acclimatise the wood.
Then it should have been laid along the length of the room. Leaving a 10-12 MM. Expansion gap around any abutments.
If it's lifted away from the sub base the adhesive or sub base has failed. I would suggest to pull the flooring up past the damage and relay it, using new as required. Then it will probably need sanding.
Moral of the storey get someone who knows what their doing. It may cost more in the beginning but not in the long run.

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