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shall we babystep though september,anyone?

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liveinazoo Sun 08-Sep-13 05:37:46


anyone else?<worries im alonesad>

<<puts on kettle and opens tin sweets<I love the it when tubs roses/quality street/heroes/celebrations return to the shopsgrin> and hopes for company>>

liveinazoo Sun 08-Sep-13 05:42:53

sorry for the extended absence-after net was reconnected we went away for a few days with zoolets and then stupid contractors whom council employed to repair paths/roads managed to sever internet/gas and bloody water pipes over a period of 4 days<nets been hit x3 nowhmm>hopefullt giblets have been roasted and things are back permanently!!!

on the flying front we survived summer hols,just.i managed to maintain some of the dailies and I haven't had to shovel and skip the place as in some previous years!haha

I shall pop in late with some ta dahs and hope some one has found me!

liveinazoo Mon 09-Sep-13 11:45:38

so yesterday the zoolets decided between showers we HAD to go to the park and I never got a nother chance to pop back as sunday evening is always a busy one organising uniforms/packed lunches/polishing shoes/checkning for the dreaded nits after hairwashessad

todays ta dahs
-fed cats
-cleaned litter tray
-sorted recycling
-bin out
-bleached worksurface that scoutcat had slept onhmm
-washing on
-made breakfast for zoolets/me
-packed lunches packed
-sorted 3 unruly mops into school friendly hairgrin
-collected neighbours granddaughter<lives with her>and walked with her to school
-cleaned windows in front room.washed floor
-cleaned windows,polished washed floor in all bedrooms
-cleaned bathroom and washed floor
-harpicked toilet
-washing on/first load in dryer

<<hopes someone finds me soon>>

AdoraBell Mon 09-Sep-13 11:56:55

Hello Zoo

Glad you got back on line, you've had a busy morning I see.

My morning routine, now includes preteen strop from DD1, is done and I've had a tea. Need to get showered, eat and ready for Pilates in a Mo.

I'll pop back later when I actually have something to report.

Glad you survived summer, no mean feat with DCs home all the time

<eyes up chocolates>

AdoraBell Mon 09-Sep-13 23:56:19

Our water was off until 5 today, really messed up my grand laundry plans. Not sure I'll get it done tomorrow either as it looks like raining most of the day and I don't want towels hanging wet inside.

Scout19075 Tue 10-Sep-13 08:08:46


Scout19075 Wed 11-Sep-13 08:41:53

I just can't seem to get in the groove.

liveinazoo Wed 11-Sep-13 16:33:21!!!!!grin

I was like a headless chickn yesterday-I thought I had coasted vaguely ok through hols.a thorough inspection proved I was delusional!ha ha

yesterday I did the bathroom as deep clean
-scrubbed all tiling in bath/shower
-cleaned showerhead
-washed out bath and scrubbed taps
-cleaned sink<including pedestal>and scrubbed taps
-sorted all the empty bottles and tidied what was left
-cleaned windows and sill
-scrubbed bath toys<thankfully we are past those damn toys that fill up with fetid water you just cant get out!we have just foam bits that "stick" on the tiles in princess/mermaid and piratesgrin>
-cleaned radiator and baseboards
-washed floor
<toilets in separate room>

p.m I had a baking session
I made-
6 large banana and oat muffins
12 mini banana and oat muffins
6 large carrot muffins
12 mini carrot muffins
a low fat carrot traybake with sticky syrup glaze
banana and coconut cookies<yum yum>

im afraid to say the traybake was for a friend.all the big muffins and cookies are gone and half the mini ones-I swear the zoolets are crossbreeds with locusts!grin

liveinazoo Wed 11-Sep-13 16:47:58

todays ta dahs-
-made chocolate cookies with oats,cococnut and extra choc chunks<dd2 is having tea at a friends house and they don't have pudding so she always takes cake/cookies for afters>
-fed cats
-washing on
-made batch nigellas pancake mix and bagged up into portions<when want to use it just add an egg,cup milk and 1tbsp melted butter>
-made a n apple and blueberry compote
-made the pancakes<gorgeous was the verdict>
-made lunches
-did the kids hair into braids<now little zoo is in a class of 30 im hoping nits aren't a way of life as last years double class was>
-collected next doors little one
-school run
-bit shopping
-my breakfast
-washing into dryer.2nd load on
-todays deep clean-kitchen
clear and clean surfaces
-wipe all splashbacks
-clean toaster/breadbin/kettle
-wipe all cupboard fronts
-wipe washing machine/clean out drawer<boak>
-wipe tumble drier
-clean windows/wipe sills
-scrub sink and drainer
-clean hob
-clean oven
-wash floor
-washing into dryer
-3rd load on
-quick tidy hall/put shoes strewn everywhere away
-school run
-snack for little ones
-they now in the bath.last load for todays in the dryer

adora how old is stroppybritches?

dd2 has lots girls in her class this year that think they re grown up<9/10yo>with mobiles/wallk home alone and attitude lives a few doors up and she positively dirty looks at every grown up-she has a seriously slappable face!she read all the twilight books and seen all the films and reckons she knows everything<sigh>.dd2 best friend are in the other class and while one is starting to want independence/grow up the other isn't so im desperately trying to encourage her to still be around them as I genuinely don't believe at her age its time to allow what some parents think is .meanwhile dd2 Is starting to copy this other girls diva behaviour and everything is becoming an argument and she has to have the last word all the considering moving into the shed wth the spiders for a bit of peace!

AdoraBell Wed 11-Sep-13 18:49:04

Still stroppy Zoo

My word you've been Busy haven't you?

I've done morning routine, Pilates, shower, laundry, shopping, dogs, folded clean towels from yesterday and sat down To lunch 15 mins ago. Must get on now, think I may copy your compote idea as I was planning pancakes for later.

Scout19075 Thu 12-Sep-13 11:03:54

zoo, can you give me a swft kick please? You have been busy!

liveinazoo Thu 12-Sep-13 11:58:09

<swift size 6 heading your way scoutgrin<<plus choccy incentives!>>

adora tinned pineapple in syrup is also yummy on pancakes<with a grate of chocolate in times of stresswink>

todays tadahs

fed cats
cleaned toilets room-
-windows and sills
-floor washed and bit loo roll ds has started posting behind the loo and wee on removedhmm<filthy little devil!>
-shower and hair wash after that job!
-fed zoolets
-packed lunches
-washing on
-hairs braided
-listened little zoo read
-another child dropped at min<entertain 10mins before the off>
-collect next doors grandchild
-school run<looking like the pied pipergrin
-went dp for stroll and picked up a perscription and got it made up and a acquired extra milk
-washing in dryer
-hotspot front room
-hovered stairs/wiped baseboards and bannisters/cleaned photos that hang on the walls on the way down
-sorted shoe cupboard chaos into calm and organised
-cleared hall floor of dumped debris,putting into appropriate places<in case of zoolets stuff that's migrated downstairs is now waiting in bedrrom doorways to be returned to homes when the come in as im not falling for tidying everything behind them!>

I am now sitting on my bum having a rest with nigellas express in background on the tvsmile

p.m I have a mountain of recipes hoarded in the cupboard and ishall sit and sort some of them and file them into folders
<and put away dry laundry when its done>

tonights tea is a simple pasta with cheese and veg so no prep to do there-carefully planned as such as its homework night tonight at zoolets school-all homework is handed out on Thursdays to be returned by Tuesday<we always hand in Mondays so have an extra day just in case someone fials to pick it up and hand it in!>as it includes maths,english,spellings and reading tasks its easiest to do some each night for 4 dayswink.dd2 is fine to be left to get on with it but ds needed chivvying or his writing becomes a spidery scribble and he slapdashes it<<a boy thing a think as little zoo is as diligent as dd2,although she likes to sound through what shes going to put/do before she startssmile>>

Scout19075 Thu 12-Sep-13 12:35:16

<<Rubs backside>> Ouch. Thanks, zoo, I needed that.

To be fair I've been going on my to do list, it just doesn't feel like Flying. Though I have suddenly, in the last hour, done some amazing flinging & decluttering in the kitchen area so don't feel so bad.

SmallBoy has also taken a lot of time today, doing crafts and stickers (like in the Alphablocks magazine). We're just pausing for lunch. Will do my lists later, when I'm not managing SB, eating and doing four other things at once.

Scout19075 Thu 12-Sep-13 21:08:01

I'm tired....

AdoraBell Fri 13-Sep-13 02:56:51

I didn't do the pancakes Zoo but will try that pineaple idea, Thank you.

I'm also tired this evening. We're training the dogs at last and the proccess is tirering, plus it makes dinner late and Today I arrived home with DDs and shopping to find the training waiting.

I've put away all of yesterday's laundry
Sorted dog's food, I have switched them to raw food
Done dinner
Cleaned kitchen
Cancelled pilates Tomorrow as school is doing the annual folklore presntacion
bathrooms were done this morning
Vacuuming also done this morning
Something else which I can't now remember done this morning
DW is on
Everyone else is in Bed and I'm just unwinding before I retire for the evening.

Tomorrow need to have some me time before DD's school holiday and do some e-mails.

liveinazoo Fri 13-Sep-13 10:42:17

little zoo declared morning at 4.30 and despite best efforts to resettle her,ev trying you can sleep in my bed<no one shares my bed>she was adamant not sleepy anymore<last time I let her go bed at 6.15 exhausted> as such ta dah is extensive already but I am lready flagging!

ta dahs
harpic loo
cleaned bath and sink
towels onto wash
hot spot front room
polish and wash floor front room
located pink panther dvd and put little zoo to watch that so I culd crack on raaher than go back to sleep then oversleep and end up headless chicken for school run
deep cleaned my room-
cleared under the bed
put away clean clothes
tidy bedside table
sort and tidy books
wipe baseboards/radiator/door/lightswitches
empty bin
made zoolets breakfast
made packet lunches
listened little zoo read while did hair
washing in dryer
collected next door granddaughter
school run
my breakfast <huge as ravenous>
sort and tidy ds wardrobe-outgrown stuff bagged up ready for charity collection tomorrow
laundry folded

I can feel my eyelids drooping and its not helping that scoutcat has taken up residence in my lap-he soo warm and his purrings far too relaxing!i shall have to get up and plod on or risk falling sleep!

liveinazoo Fri 13-Sep-13 10:46:35

adora-how longs the holiday this time?

scout alphablock was a big favourite magazine in the zoo house!smile-I hark back to it as its moshi monsters/dinomite /horrible histoies and peppa make and bake these days!

Scout19075 Fri 13-Sep-13 14:07:52

Alphablocks is a firm favorite in the Scout Hut. We have all the DVDs and in the last few months it's been a highlight of SB's to go to the store to buy the newest magazine. Between Alphablocks and one of his Leap Pad games he knows all his phonics and thanks to Alphablocks can do a lot of CVC words (some they haven't covered, too, thanks to being able to sound out). It's the only kids magazine we get -- the rest are adult steam train ones which he loves. He gets Lego Club Jr in the post which is also a favorite.

AdoraBell Fri 13-Sep-13 15:25:00

Zoo holiday is just a week this time, celebrating Chilean independance and historia. Sorry you had Such an early start.

Ta dah's so far

Up and threw breakfast together, assembled lunch bags.
Shooed family out To school
Made coffee To go
Dressed and dashed off To school for the folklore presentación
Sat on a concrete step for 2.5 hours
Unlocked spine enough To get To the car, heated seatsgrin
Finished coffee then drove into town
Currently having breakfast/me time

Still need To sort dogs
Pick up DCs - various-
Drop some DCs home, bring others home with mine
Survive DDs having a sleepovershock

liveinazoo Sat 14-Sep-13 07:28:33

good luck with the sleepover adora-dd2 had 2 during the summer hols.the 1st was just one child-12.30 overexcited/overwhelmed and having eaten body weight in crapulence was probably on sugar come down her friend howled her eyes out!1.30 before they were akip!2nd attempt,same child plus another 1.this time was a 1.30 meltdown and 2.30 before asleep-little zoo was up at 5.30 and I could barely put one foot in front of the other and the girls were hysterical when picked up at 9.30-ive seen better looking zombies!ha didn't hit me til the day after then I was a grump bag but dd2 was horrid for a bout 3days til replenished some sleep!i havemade it very clear it will only happen in 6wk hols as I done have the strength for that kind of caper without plenty quiet time aftersmile

I went to bed early but didn't sleep well and ds woke at 2.30<cold>,little zoo at 3.3.<managed to get her back to sleep despite her declaring she was starving!>

I gave up and got up ay 5<average time for me to get up>and used the time to crck on so if im tired later I can just vegetate in a heap in the cornergrin

ta dahs
-fed cats
-made fruit and nut breakfast bars<recipe below>
-harpic loo
-spent 1 hour tidying understairs copboard-i have a floor and can shut the door and open in again with out a cascade debris descending on me but theres still some work to do
-cleaned bath and sink
-put out some rubbish
<got drawn into playing a game of dinosaur find the pairs-little zoo won,ds next,me<with memory a goldfish> lastgrin




<they are gorgeous-we just had them for breakfast!>


AdoraBell Sat 14-Sep-13 21:55:32

Recipe looks good, Thanks Zoo and of course Nigella i currently have no weighing scales but shall guestimate.

Don't know what time DCs went To sleep but I gave up after empteying DW at 12.15 and gave them instructions To stay upstairs and keep the noise down a bit. OH had sent them To bed at 10.30, this is why I usualy don't do this unless he is away on business.

Not much done today - breakfast, 2 loads in WM, 2 hours training dogs, went out To eat and get errands, heading back home now. Going To check cupboards for breakfast bar ingredientes grin

liveinazoo Sun 15-Sep-13 15:02:29

ican confirm that they were utterly delicious!grin

a quiet day at chez zoo today-the first reallyautumnal day has set in,its cold,windy and pouring down!

ta dahs-
ivedone some shopping and 2 loads washing <2nd will be entering the dryer shortly-I can hear it spinning like a nasa space launch as I type!ha ha

I have decided to spent lots of time with the kids today-think its the realisation of how quickly they will fly the nest<dd1 departs for uni Saturday>.I have taught dd2 to play draughts and gin rummysmile.little ones have eagerly kept out of the way,playig on the ds's<thank you mr Nintendo> and they will be engaging shortly in some colouring and other activities of choice<which I hope will also incude some stories as I love cuddles and storiesgrin>

dd1 and I are planning to spend some quality time together on Tuesday and Thursday while the zoolets are at school<she has her last shift at hobbycraft today>.I asked her yesterday how boyfriend of over a years taking her departure-he wont talk about it anymore and the last t wo times he has been out with his friends he has sent her drunken texts declaring undying love and wishing shewasnt moving away<although thankfully they both have cars and drive and its only around an hour away!>

AdoraBell Mon 16-Sep-13 03:33:04

Still haven't made the breakfast barsblush, but I did do pancakes Todaygrin

Had a relaxing day at home and managed to Get the laundry cleared and the dogs walked. Other than meals not much else to report. DDs are off this week and Wed, Thurs & Frí are bank holiday, so only 1 Pilates class.

Scout19075 Mon 16-Sep-13 09:30:24

SmallBoy has his first full-blown head cold of the autumn/winter season. He's full of snot and we're currently cuddled in my bed, watching Octonauts, Thomas, Charlie & Lola and The Alphablocks on my laptop (I'm on the tablet). He's munching dry Cheerios and drinking lots of very dilute apple juice as clear liquids is what he's craving.

We're not in our day clothes and I don't care, Miss Flylady person who says you should spring out of bed in your clothes at stupid o'clock.

I have, this morning:
washed up last night's dishes (d'oh! but I went to bed early thinking I'd be up overnight with poorly SB)
mixed up the dry ingredients for mincemeat (will do the wet ingredients later -- I'm timing it for tomorrow's cooking)
updated the daily diary for the weekend's adventures
wrote my to do list for today

Today I hope to:
keep on top of the washing up
wash down the stove
check and shake the alcohol I have on the go
make sloe gin (sterilize jar, pierce frozen sloes & add to jar, measure & add sugar, add gin, shake)
write sympathy card (neighbor from home died -- someone I've known since I was eight -- so am sending card to his wife who still lives next to my parents)
write thank you card -- MrScout's aunt sent SB a shirt last week
write thank you card -- MrScout's superior (not boss but high up in the food chain) gave SB a special train ride last month
take trash to outside bin
take recycling to outside bin
take MrScout's recycling to outside bin (MrScout had a little clear out last night)
mix Christmas pudding (dry ingredients tonight then wet tomorrow morning)
add wet ingredients to mincemeat mix
download pictures from vacation
chicken -- separate, wrap and freeze (bought lots of meat over the weekend and have wrapped & froze all the extras except the chicken)
emails -- Mom, MiL, BFF, HE Friend re zoo, HE friend re activity, HE friend re activity & poorly boy
make Christmas mouse pattern/tracers (trace sample, cut out, etc.)

And, if SB is up to it later:
go for a walk/explore/fruit pick in the nature area across the street
stickers book
start coloring/painting Nativity bunting for Christmas

Is it bedtime yet?

BlackCatinChaos Mon 16-Sep-13 12:20:04

Hello. smile

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