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Flying into September - a new term for the Fledglings

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Welcome to the September Fledgling Flylady Thread.

This thread is for people with CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome). We follow Flylady, the website with a mission!

All are welcome on this thread, experienced flyers and newcomers alike.

We try to follow the commandments of Flylady as we run our homes, loosely anyway. In between there's lots of chat and support as we go through our daily lives. We have coffee, cake, and a naughty corner for those who want to chat but CBA with their house some days. However you follow it, this thread is designed to make your life a little easier and more fun.

For those who are new to the system (and those needing a refresher), there are several aspects to the system:

1. Babysteps. These build a routine. Some are really useful, some are downright odd and some are, quite frankly, there to be ignored. They build a good foundation though.

2. Decluttering. Flylade is evangelical about clutter. In order to feel good about our homes we need to ditch the clutter. Flylady divides the home into zones, week by week and repeating monthly. As well as babysteps, we have to declutter in the relevant zone. Once that is achieved we move on to...

3. Missions. Also in the current zone, these are targetted tasks to tackle one particular aspect. One a day, they vary month to month.

4. Deep Cleaning. Once we have completely decluttered (some of us seem to be stuck permanently on that stage) there are deep cleaning lists for each zone. Achieve that and your house will be spotless!

One last thing - the Flylady website encourages us to subscribe to her emails - one word - DON"T! You will be overwhelmed by them. Instead come to this thread every morning and the relevant links for the day will be there waiting for you except when the thread leader has been on the wine

A big thank you to Bitchy for last month, and also for doing this Sunday's links as I am off camping.

dizzyday07 Tue 01-Oct-13 03:42:07

After spending all day Friday blitzing the house for our guests it looked pretty good when I had finished!

It was DD's birthday party Saturday and everyone had a great time which made all the stress of organising it worthwhile.

we had 16 people in the house afterwards so dinner had to be in 2 sittings as we didnt have enough chairs or plates or cutlery! only 11 had to be found bed/floor space so another epic mealtime was needed before they all departed just leaving the 3 of us!

today all I have done was pop out to refill the fridge for the week and have a 2 hour nap on the sofa. blush my aim is to keep on top of the chores now the house is a reasonable standard.

off to find Oct. links

Swanhilda Mon 30-Sep-13 22:04:51

oooh I love wool. I want a reason to buy it...especially the really expensive stuff that is spun from handdyed sheep..

Jemima I feel dizzy reading your list, sorry if that sounds rude. It reminds me how completely cba [dropping activities like flies] I have become as a mother recently.. Today I had a delightful interlude watching telly with dd, some clip about a baby who ate fast food, (they were doing this in school)
and solved one Maths problem serendiptioiusly with ds2 (now I know what a function is, and it isn't A Function) otherwise nothing! Ds1 has left his violin at school for the last two weeks, very convenient...hmm

okay I cooked a chicken, cleared up supper and turned children's lights off at 9.30 (ds2 is already fast asleep at 8.45) and phoned a friend in the meantime. And sneaked in helping dd cover a book with sticky back plastic.

Dh did ds2's homework this evening hmm with him. It went well smile with only a few minor skirmishes. School have told us they will be able to reduce the workload so that he can concentrate on doing it independently and write it himself/on computer without cracking up in process.

Toffee sleep patterns are difficult aren't they. I used to have rubbish ones as a teenager, and at university, I think I would have loved to have someone switch my light out and insist I went to bed at a particular time and wake me up at a particular time (not too early, but at 9.00am maybe grin) It is very easy to get out of kilter. Apparently with teenagers the natural melantonin in teen brain shifts the hour that you feel sleepy in some way and that's why they can't wake up. Can't remember the details blush I'm finding at moment a horrible random tendency to wake in middle of night for an hour and then need a nap in the afternoon.

JemimaMuddledUp Mon 30-Sep-13 16:40:45

Glad to hear you got a good response from the SEN department Swanhilda

My DC are supposed to pack their bags the night before school and empty them when they get home. Doesn't always work though, last night I realised that there were 4 school jumpers that hadn't been washed and were still lurking in the depths of bags from Friday angry

I've had a sudden flash of energy which has led to progress on the lists:

Ta Da
Washed dishes
Wiped around kitchen
Cleaned bathroom and toilets
Washed one load of towels
Tumble dried 2 loads of washing
Took the dry washing off the airer and hung the wet washing that doesn't tumble on it instead
Tidied kitchen
Booked DD's Trampolining class for Half Term
Tumble dried the towels
Cleaned out fridge before Tesco delivery tonight
Collected DC from school
Paid bills
Tidied up living room
Dusted living room
Hoovered living room
Put swimming kits on to wash
Emailed Agenda and last year's minutes to school ready for PTA AGM tomorrow
Sent application form for a promotion in work (eek!)
Wrote out meal plan for the week

To Do
Wash and tumble dry another load of towels
Put washing away
Put the bags/sleeping bags etc that DD took on Brownie camp back in the attic
Listen to DD read
Cook dinner
Take DD to Brownies
Supervise DS2's trumpet practice as he has a lesson tomorrow
Dry swimming kits
Wash today's school uniforms
Tesco delivery coming at 8pm

Am going to read the links for October now.

BitchytheGreat Mon 30-Sep-13 15:05:43

Am i allowed a name change? <hopeful>

Got new wool today. It makes me happy but doesn't help any of the in progress projects get completed. Which is a bit of a bad thing blush

Errands run. A short burst of spirit renewing has taken place. Now i need to find the will to get cracking and get everything done. Cba is ruling though.

Swanhilda Mon 30-Sep-13 15:05:08

two things done today!
finally got through to SEN dept at sons' school. Had some good feedback.
Did grocery shopping for next few days
hung out washing
bought cat food!!!!!

Good day yesterday. Ds2 joined a drama club, and did the Ealing Mini Mile in 9.22 minutes (he came 110th out 177! I am delighted he didn't come last)
We also persuaded all three children to put their school bags in the hall, packed, before watching Downton wink a first! Okay dd went off without her science book next day but still. Made this morning much less stressful.
Downton I love you! It is becoming a bit of a parody though..I loved the suitor of "Rose" much nicer than most of the men on D.

JemimaMuddledUp Mon 30-Sep-13 14:58:37

I'm getting there slowly. Very slowly.

Ta Da
Washed dishes
Wiped around kitchen
Cleaned bathroom and toilets
Washed one load of towels
Tumble dried 2 loads of washing
Took the dry washing off the airer and hung the wet washing that doesn't tumble on it instead
Tidied kitchen
Booked DD's Trampolining class for Half Term

To Do
Wash another load of towels
Tumble dry the towels
Put washing away
Clean out fridge before Tesco delivery tonight
Pay bills
Put the bags/sleeping bags etc that DD took on Brownie camp back in the attic
Collect DC from school
Listen to DD read
Cook dinner
Take DD to Brownies
Supervise DS2's trumpet practice as he has a lesson tomorrow
Wash and dry swimming kits (all 3 had swimming with school today but DS2 also has an after school swimming lesson tomorrow)
Wash today's school uniforms

Might be moved to tomorrow's list
Tidy up living room
Dust living room

NickNacks Mon 30-Sep-13 13:41:14

Many thanks to you whokknows for taking charge of September. Apart from being ill, I've had a reasonably successful month smile

Slimchance Mon 30-Sep-13 13:27:46

Hi all, SC here

New thread here


Had great Fri and Sat away (in lovely countryside without screens of any kind) but succumbed to bad cold/flu yesterday and travelled back rolled up like a sausage in the travelling rug... so please forgive lack of personals in this post.

Back to bed now and see you all tonight/tomorrow!

Huge bunch of thanks to Whoknows for steering us all through September!

BitchytheGreat Mon 30-Sep-13 12:41:39

Right, about to send ds to school and head off and run some errands. I have been informed that it is bloody mating season for the bastard things. So now I have images of them having an orgy under my bed. Tomorrows job? pull everything out, have a deep clean and spoil their fun! Well if i can be arsed. Suppose something around here needs to be having fun. hmm

IBelieveInEngels Mon 30-Sep-13 12:25:36

October? I don’t believe you! <checks calendar> What happened to September?! shock
ellie I may be wishing away the years here but I cannot wait until DS is old enough to want to play games with me. DH never does he’s only sulking because I won the engels household year of scrabble championship the last time we did it
feet my whole house exists of ‘finishing off’ projects
bitchy last time I tried to catch a rather large spider, it jumped off the wall towards me and then disappeared down the side of the bed. Down the side of the bed that I sleep on. I did not sleep well that night.

Ta da
Ordered personalized bag for DS to take to nursery – birthday or Christmas present, not sure
Ordered a birthday T-shirt for DS (with a 2 on the back an a giraffe on the front!)
Ordered more name labels for DS
Emailed photos to friends
Took DS up to playground for a run around, though he seemed more excited about the diggers and lorries at the top of the road
Online banking

To do
Order photos
Book ferries for later in year
Mission – lots of stuff in lounge that shouldn’t be here
Washing on
Yesterday’s washing out td, fold and away
Dinner (sausage and cauliflower cheese bake with potatoes)
Washing up
Sort out my birthday cards for October
Do some writing - I need characters for my murder mystery novel (if it's October it means I only have one more month to plan it!)

And so much more…

ToffeeWhirl Mon 30-Sep-13 10:38:20

Oh no, Bitchy, I hate this time of year for the same reason. We have had several of the beasts already. How can I stop them coming in? I hope that thread has some ideas. Am thinking of crawling round on hands and knees stopping up every crack.

Ta da

Woken by DS1 at 5am angry
Pancakes for b/fast
Put rubbish out
Packed lunch
School run
Listen to children reading at school
Home again
D/W unloaded and reloaded
Washing on
Swish and swipe in bathroom
Room rescue in sitting room
Room rescue in kitchen

DS1 has now gone back to sleep, but has an appointment with his CBT therapist at 11, so I have to wake him up. I worry about how he is going to get through the school day when his sleep is so erratic.

BitchytheGreat Mon 30-Sep-13 10:13:36

I hate this time of year, but this year it is particularly bad!!

And yes I clearly need to be brewing up a batch of special brew! ffs I am not with it today. Can I blame the trauma on it?

BitchytheGreat Mon 30-Sep-13 09:51:48

*pe kit bag

I have had three cups of coffee already this morning. Clearly it is not working.

BitchytheGreat Mon 30-Sep-13 09:47:27

Not off to a good start to the day here. Dealing with the fall out of this weekend.

ta da
1 load of washing
fold washing put on late last night plus other loads that were abandoned clean
ring school to let know ds not in until lunch
deal with ds
check internet stuff (mn/email/etc)
try and figure out how to tweak ds' pe to fit everything it needs to.

It is storming today. No rain yet but the wind is definitely clearing the cobwebs.

JemimaMuddledUp Mon 30-Sep-13 08:02:00

Right, need to get back to it today.

To Do
Wash dishes
Wipe around kitchen
Clean bathroom and toilets
Wash towels (2 loads)
Dry the 3 loads of washing that I did last night (DD back from Brownie camp), plus the towels
Put washing away
Clean out fridge before Tesco delivery tonight
Tidy up living room
Dust living room
Pay bills
Put the bags/sleeping bags etc that DD ook on Brownie camp back in the attic

But first I need to go to work. Have a good day!

Trazzletoes Mon 30-Sep-13 07:40:32

Hi I'm back for a fortnight before disappearing again.

To do: everything <sigh>

feetheart Mon 30-Sep-13 07:06:22

It isn't nearly October, it really isn't, it is a figment of someone's twisted imagination, it is still only August... at least. Summer will not be over (stamps foot) smile

ellie - w/e sounds lovely

Goth - glad you had nice end to your summer job, good luck for interview

Busy w/e here with me working for some of it, DH exhausted and nursing dodgy back, various children at gymnastics/parties/sleepovers. However DH has made shelves for my our HUGE new cupboard in new bit of hall, I stripped more woodwork and we painted a wall.
Builder back today to start all the 'finishing off' jobs (of which there are many)

I am expecting this week to be busy and stressful, mainly due to situation with tenant. Should know by later today where things are going so need to get as much work done as possible today to allow me to respond to any madness that ensues hmm
We also have two high school open evenings to get to this week!
Even I may have to resort to wine

Today's list:

- All up and out
- Morning routine
- Move lots of things from hall to 'somewhere' so builder can work
- WORK (with builder banging about hmm)
- Sort out things for lovely tenants in house I manage for nightmare friend
- Pick apples before wind gets them all
- Look up Apple and Raspberry Butter for slow cooker smile
- Try to sort out Chaperone licence for DD's dance show - I've always helped, now I need to jump through a huge number of hoops to do so and have probably left it too late
- Try not to stress about what will/won't happen with tenant in flat <<impossible task>>

Have a good Monday everyone.

BitchytheGreat Sun 29-Sep-13 23:38:19

How is it nearly October? shockshockconfusedshockshock

GoingGoingGoth Sun 29-Sep-13 21:42:04

Oh god, just looking around living room, maybe more than 15 minutes required tomorrow blush

OK, final set of Links for September. Hopefully SC will be along to start the new thread tomorrow.

Babystep - look at your calendar and check for next moth's birthdays, very wise.

Babystep 31 - as there isn't a 31st this month, here it is anyway - don't get bogged down trying to learn everything about FLylady at once. Also very wise.

Mission - declutter your living room of excess books, DVDs, magazines etc.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 29-Sep-13 21:31:16

Evening all, no flying today.
Was my last day at work, which was a bit sad, as I met some nice people whilst working there, but might be back there next summer.
DH & DD came in to see me and brought a picnic which was lovely, they then had a game of Pitch n Putt and the we all played bowls, I did say it was the best job in the world grin

So, just need to 'revise' for my interview tomorrow....

Hope you're all having a great weekend.

elliepac Sun 29-Sep-13 20:53:38

Evening all. I have had the most lovely weekend with the dc's at the caravan. Day out yesterday followed by a 'games morning' this morning ending in charades. Very funnysmile. Back home now and although not an ounce of cleaning had been done the place was relatively tidy.

Ta da:-
Washing x 3
Drying x 3
Quick clean downstairs
Putting away
Washing up
Lesson prep

Big waves to everyone. No time for personals. Quick shower before Downtownsmile.

Blueandwhitelover Sun 29-Sep-13 18:12:45

been away to the midlands for a wedding, had a fabulous time but have done no housework or pampering since. got to come back with a vengeance now, holiday in 4 weeks

Blueandwhitelover Sun 29-Sep-13 18:11:51

been away to the

IBelieveInEngels Sun 29-Sep-13 17:47:32

<creeps out from behind the bar in the naughty corner and grabs a bottle of red>

Have been entertaining parents over from UK this week. Had a last family day with them yesterday. Nothing special, just hanging out at home, which we obviously don't get to do very often.

Ta da
Washing up x2
Washing away
Washing on
5 hours renewing my spirit by gardening, mostly by myself. Very peaceful and sunny.
Chatted with Dsis, DM and best friend
Meal plan for the week

DH has been doing jobs in the house as well as cooking a lovely stew. Leftovers for next week as well.
Just watching Dumbo with DS. Going to slap on a face mask when he's in bed.

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