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Flying into September - a new term for the Fledglings

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Welcome to the September Fledgling Flylady Thread.

This thread is for people with CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome). We follow Flylady, the website with a mission!

All are welcome on this thread, experienced flyers and newcomers alike.

We try to follow the commandments of Flylady as we run our homes, loosely anyway. In between there's lots of chat and support as we go through our daily lives. We have coffee, cake, and a naughty corner for those who want to chat but CBA with their house some days. However you follow it, this thread is designed to make your life a little easier and more fun.

For those who are new to the system (and those needing a refresher), there are several aspects to the system:

1. Babysteps. These build a routine. Some are really useful, some are downright odd and some are, quite frankly, there to be ignored. They build a good foundation though.

2. Decluttering. Flylade is evangelical about clutter. In order to feel good about our homes we need to ditch the clutter. Flylady divides the home into zones, week by week and repeating monthly. As well as babysteps, we have to declutter in the relevant zone. Once that is achieved we move on to...

3. Missions. Also in the current zone, these are targetted tasks to tackle one particular aspect. One a day, they vary month to month.

4. Deep Cleaning. Once we have completely decluttered (some of us seem to be stuck permanently on that stage) there are deep cleaning lists for each zone. Achieve that and your house will be spotless!

One last thing - the Flylady website encourages us to subscribe to her emails - one word - DON"T! You will be overwhelmed by them. Instead come to this thread every morning and the relevant links for the day will be there waiting for you except when the thread leader has been on the wine

A big thank you to Bitchy for last month, and also for doing this Sunday's links as I am off camping.

JemimaMuddledUp Sat 31-Aug-13 20:05:06

Hello, can I join?

I'm feeling all New Term positive and am sure that this is the year that I will finally get on top of the housework. I have spent half the week decluttering and my house is now lovely as long as I don't let the DC in but I need help to get into the routines to keep it that way.

I am also trying to get the DC on board to help with more chores. They are pretty good and will normally do things when nagged asked, but I want to move to giving them set jobs that are their reponsibility every day. Which may be an uphill struggle.

Steamedcabbage Sat 31-Aug-13 20:51:07

Parking my bunions! grin

Copious amounts of wine wine wine to Bitchy and Whoknows for magnificent thread-leading past and present!!

Nettie is that really you??? Yay!!! smile smile smile

Huge waves to PA Blueyeshadow Just Toffee Swan Castle Zing Blueandwhitelover Engels Feetheart Jdub Honu Asheth Goth Nicknacks Pushme (good luck to your dd for Tues!) Elliepac Swan and loads more I'm sure I must have missed

and a warm welcome (or welcome back) to Snowflake JemimaMuddledup Lois Mumof3 and the knitwitch

Won't be around much this week or next. Start of term traditionally hellish with much covering of bks in three different types of sticky-back plastic and gnashing of teeth. Dh having his operation on Thurs too so not really looking forward to that. Dsis 2 (the tidy efficient one!) coming over to help ...

Hope the start of the month/new academic year/start back to school goes well for everyone and see you back when things more settled. Toodle-pip for now x

Steamedcabbage Sat 31-Aug-13 20:55:28

I knew it! Missed out Trazzles and is that Dizzy I saw there on the other thread? Yay smile!!

feetheart Sat 31-Aug-13 22:21:31

I'm in smile
Thanks bitchy for August and Whoknows for taking on September thanks

Welcome to the newbies. This system does work though the chat is much more interesting.

Nettie - did you say marathon training? I We need more details.

Swanhilda Sat 31-Aug-13 23:00:17

hi everyone, I am dipping in and out - and not really making sense!
We are all terrified of new term because it is Secondary x 2, and one ASD twin who cannot write for toffee (sorry toffee) and how are we going to manage all the homework etc etc [bleats pathetically)

However, hopefully despite the early starts I may end up with more time in the middle of the day to organise things.

today we tidied front room and mended the piano stool
cleared mantlepiece
started tidying the playroom/utility which smells horrible
tidied ds1's room perfunctorily
ditto ds2's room
s & s one loo
cooked two meals including chicken stew (rejected by all, I'm giving up on chicken stew - economical as it seems)
went to Brentford v Carlisle football match (O:O)
exercise - long walk
nice chats with both boys at home today
mentally planned this year whilst at football match (I find it like meditating to sit there in the stand as I'm not that interested in football grin
cleaned out sink

A nice day really!

Hiya to SC glad you had a bit of holiday before term starts. I'm with you in spirit on the ballet sadness, however, my theory is that what you learn as a child in ballet stays with you. I can still do some of the moves.gestures, postures without even knowing how I know. And anyway, one less thing to ferry them to [raises glass to that!)

dizzyday07 Sun 01-Sep-13 00:41:57

Well DH's efforts didn't last long! sad His cooking of dinner tonight has dirtied his lovely shiny hob which he has just left along with a sink full of spot-welded pots angry Tidying that lot up will obviously be my job before bed!

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 02:13:16

Good morning.

Just stopping by before i head to bed to drop the links for the tomo.

It is the weekend so the only thing you have to worry about is the babystep. First one is easy if you take it on face value, not so if you are strictly following fly lady shine your sink

pushmepullyou Sun 01-Sep-13 07:34:55

Morning all smile

Hoping to get off to a good start today as I really need to move the house up a stage in the cleanliness and tidiness stakes. So today I will be renewing my spirit with cleaning!

To do
Quick clothes drawer declutters (me, dd, ds)
Go to Tip
Butchers to restock freezer
Shine sink
Wash sofa cover
Change beds
Put dehumidifier on
Reserve slot for online shop
Playground with dc
Clear out fridge
Out for tea smile
Check finaces

JemimaMuddledUp Sun 01-Sep-13 08:12:34

Morning! Thanks for the welcome grin

Today I need to:
Properly clean the downstairs loo
Iron yesterday's washing
Do a big towels wash (this takes at least 2 loads as we are a family of 5 each with our own towels)
Plant the autumn bedding plants that I bought in B&Q yesterday into pots to go by the front door.

Plus the usual daily wipe round of kitchen and bathroom, sweep of floors etc.

I will also be cooking a roast at some point.

Oh, and the hot water and bleach are sitting in my sink as I try the Fly Lady sink shining for the first time. I don't think my sink is too bad, but I'm starting as I mean to go on.

Trazzletoes Sun 01-Sep-13 08:35:42

Love you sc xxx

Hello everyone! I'm not posting a list yet. I'm currently still sat in hospital with J. He's due to be discharged this morning but its still not guaranteed so a to-do list feels a little too much like tempting fate.

Very much hope that DH has kept the kitchen sparkly...

PositiveAttitude Sun 01-Sep-13 08:47:39

Good morning everyone. smile

A very busy day today, so not much more than babysteps from me today.

DD1 has been waved off and i am determined to mega blitz her room this week and make it all nice and cosy for a guest room or for when she returns at Christmas. This week I am planning on doing afew hours each day to get this house spick and span - ok this might not be very fat fairy friendly, but it will work for me, then I can tick along nicely.
DD2 is still here and still deciding when she is returning to London - I hate not knowing, but if I pester her to tell me she will think I am trying to get rid of her! Grrr!!

Big waves to everyone old and new.

Jesstryinghard Sun 01-Sep-13 09:09:28

Hey everyone !

Hope you all are well ??

Need to get well and truly back on board after being on holiday three ish weeks

Hugs and waves to all

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 09:33:00

I am about to shine my sink!

ToffeeWhirl Sun 01-Sep-13 09:50:19

Morning all. Welcome to the newbies and returners <waves to nettie> and good luck to everyone getting ready for school (eek, Swan, you have a lot of changes on your plate!).

PA - fantastic to hear that your DD1 is off to uni. Good luck with the room blitz.

Just - thinking of you. Hope DS copes better with the life-skills training and his new course next week. Good luck with your continuing battle with the system.

Trazzle - crossing my gingers that you and Joe will be home today.

SC - lots of luck to you for next week, especially with DH's op coming up.

Thanks again for fab thread leadership last month, Bitchy.

Right, back to normality here, after a lovely escapist week sitting on the beach in glorious sunshine every day. Am feeling that perfectionist urge to get on top of housework, paperwork, money issues, etc. that always overwhelms me at the end of the summer hols. Hmm, wonder how long it will last.

Will start with a strong coffee, then..

Load d/w
Do ironing
Finish unpacking
Go to work with DH
Visit MIL

Hope everyone has a good day.

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 10:24:53

Morning allsmile. Lots of September enthusiasm going on here. Quite a busy last day of summer hols here too. Like everyone else, I want to go back to work knowing everything is shipshape.

Ta da:-
Washing on line
Bought new drier
Washing up
Maintenance tidy

To do:-
Last touch-ups of paint in DS room
DS to kayaking with cubs
Cook dinner
Test out new drier
Clear DS room ready for carpet tomorrow
Prep for back to school
Clothes laid out for morning
Bags packed for morning although DC's at CM's as they don't start back until Tuesday

Collapse and watch tv with that Sunday night feeling I haven't had for 6 weekshmm.

Jesstryinghard Sun 01-Sep-13 10:30:31

I guess this may be a little off topic but does anyone have any real effective tips for getting your kids to tidy their toys ? Mine has gone to his dads and before I can think about housework I need to clean up the vomit of a toys'r'us truck in my lounge

NickNacks Sun 01-Sep-13 10:37:25

Good morning all!

Welcome newbies and big waves to oldies!

trazzles hope you get J home today smile
ellie I'm dreaming of new carpets at the moment but we've just booked a holiday of a lifetime so need to save. Sad to have dreadful carpets for another year though.

Just had a week off so need to get the house ready for minding again tomorrow. (Plus dds birthday!) ds2 is back to school on Tuesday and ds1 starts new school on Wednesday. Eek!

To do

Reboot laundry
Unpack food shopping
Hoover downstairs
Wrap presents and write cards
Shower/ baths for everyone tonight
eBay stuff upstairs
Sort bath toys
Bedroom tidy up
Clean laundry away

Happy Sunday everyone! smile

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 10:56:08

nicknacks, we've been in this house 10 years and only just getting round to replacing some of the carpets. We sanded floorboards instead!

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 10:59:59

My eldest two are 4 and 5. They have to tidy a room before they leave it. If they don't they get called back to do it. They do complain but it gets done. I've been firm with it and its been months since I've had to put all their mess away!

Snowflakepie Sun 01-Sep-13 11:02:07

Well, I will get to the sink sometime today! Have washed up, made beds and got washing on and steriliser on. Now meal planning for the next week so I can put my online order in for weds. Out for lunch so no washing up or cooking there, yippee! Plus dinner will be small. Then this evening I have a whole load of stuff finishing on eBay so I will be packing, labelling etc ready to take it to be sent tomorrow. Once that lot goes I will have some space to continue the tidying as DD is back at preschool on Tuesday.

It feels good to me at least! Hope everyone else is having a good morning too x

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 11:02:12

So far today I have -

Washed pots
Cleaned sink
Made bed
Tidied bedroom
One lot of washing in washer
One lot in dryer
Put sausage casserole in

I need to -
Put away pots and clean draining board
Sweep stairs
Put away 2x washing that are already dry
Wait for another 2 lots to be washed and dry then put those away too
Tidy kitchen

ToffeeWhirl Sun 01-Sep-13 11:07:47

<off topic>

Anyone with time to spare and an interest in MIL relationships, come over here, please, and help me out. MIL is driving me mad!

JemimaMuddledUp Sun 01-Sep-13 11:09:30

Sink is shining, ironing is done, washing is on the line, downstairs toilet is cleaned, bathroom and kitchen have been wiped, plants are potted up and by the front door (and reminded me that I need to clean my front door, that will go on tomorrow's list). DS1 washed up the breakfast dishes. DC are now in their rooms, supposedly tidying hmm

Chicken is in the oven, just about to start on the veg. We are having lunch early as we are going to the cinema this afternoon, providing the DC actually tidy up first <evil mother>.

Swanhilda Sun 01-Sep-13 11:15:24

Feeling pretty bleugh this morning, although it is a beautiful day.

Dh has taken dd to church which is a blessing.

Boys started the day with a horrendous row, and I feel slightly overwhelmed looking at the usual cr**p everywhere and the thought that I have to think of lunch blah blah blah.

However, will start by putting a load of laundry in and finally washing hair and getting dressed blush
Need to buy some lunch as it is obviously too late now to make a beef casserole (it will be tough as old boots)

Oh, family was meant to be in Sussex this weekend but there was confusio over the weekend and that is why I've ended up with everyone here on my Big Sort Out weekend shockgrin

need to
order ds2 school tie (different colour from ds1)
do literacy assignment with ds2 about Devil's Triangle, that well known classic of literature (about the Bermuda Triangle hmm
force dd to do some piano practice
take everyone out for a walk, somehow, somewhere

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 11:18:26

Off topic hope you don't mind ....

I doubled ingredients to make sausage casserole how should I alter the time?

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