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Could you give me your no1 tip to keep clothes looking nice?

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bigkidsdidit Mon 26-Aug-13 15:22:15

After being pregnant / bf / fat for four years I'm getting my act together. I'm finally clearing out my wardrobe and buying new stuff but for the first time ever I'm buying expensive stuff rather than half of new look. Trouble is I'm clearly not looking after my clothes properly now; my bra straps are grey, my jeans fade, my jumpers are bobbly.

Could you give me your tips on how to keep my new posh stuff looking nice?

Thanks smile

Idespair Tue 27-Aug-13 17:18:17

Washing does damage clothes. Wear clothes more than once before washing to cut down the number of washes.

I usually wear cheap clothes anyway so if they are wrecked after a year or two, I just recycle and replace with something equally cheap.

napkin Tue 27-Aug-13 17:55:50

I wish my clothes lasted a year or two before wearing out!!!

bigkidsdidit Tue 27-Aug-13 18:01:38

Ive not bought anything yet but have two cardigans in my Brora online basket smile

FoundAChopinLizt Tue 27-Aug-13 18:02:46

I avoid ironing by hanging up most things, or folding nicely. Ironing wrecks some clothes. Agree about tumble dryers, sometimes I put mine in the tumble for a soften up for ten mins if they have gone stiff on the line in too hot weather.

MrsHoarder Tue 27-Aug-13 18:21:57

Clothes dried outside smell nicer and dry quicker than those dried inside. Minimal no-frills detergent, hang up on a peg to air before deciding whether or not to wash anything except socks and underwear, shake and fold rather than iron where possible (more ironing, more wear).

Separate colours religiously. Dh's whites before he met me were rather grey, now they're as white as mine.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 19:40:03

It's interesting to read about wearing clothes for longer between washing. I'm sure I've read that dirtier clothes wear out quicker.

Brilliant thread though everyone.

LoveSewingBee Tue 27-Aug-13 20:59:36

As Poltergoose mentioned, plus iron everything (well, what can be ironed of course).

Also, usespecial powderwith bleaching agent for whites or add a scoop of oxyvanish for whites. If stuff has stains, pretreat stains or add oxy canish (pink box).

betterwhenthesunshines Wed 28-Aug-13 14:38:08

Even if you can't choose your washing machine, try not to use the quick washes. Most people think quicker is better, but the machine has to rotate more vigorously and this is harder on your clothes ( according to my Miele repair man - my Miele has been going for 14 years now, with just one repair last year).

YoniTime Wed 28-Aug-13 15:50:15

I thought the quick programs were simply shorter, for smaller loads or simply less dirty clothing?

lucysmam Wed 28-Aug-13 16:45:19

placemark to come back & read later smile

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