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New washing machine

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Following on from my thrilling thread yesterday, I now need a new washing machine. Last time I wandered around Currys and just went - that'll do.

This time I am choosing properly. So what do I want?

Do 8kg drums actually cope with a heavier load? Do they have quicker washes these days - my old 40 cycle took 2 hrs shock

Do I need at least 1400 spin? Anything else to consider? Budget is more Aldi than Waitrose.

It is spookily quiet.

This 40deg cottons cycle is going to take 3 hours shock

PigletJohn Wed 11-Sep-13 12:08:59

Has it got a quick wash option?

Cooler washes are often slower than hotter ones, because cool water does not wash so well.

Cotton will stand a hot wash which will also keep the machine cleaner as it dissolves soap better.

it has got a thirty minutes quick wash but I have a week's worth of washing to catch up with that needs washing properlysmile turned the spin down to 1200 and it's not come out very wet so I am pleased so far.
delivery side was fab, had email last night with one hr delivery slot and a phone call ten minutes before it arrived this am way too early at 0800

PigletJohn Wed 11-Sep-13 14:14:14

you may find that a 60C cotton wash is faster than a 40C cotton, and will be great for whites and towels.

but prob to hot for polycottons or synthetics

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