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Need some Ikea PAX help

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erikab922 Fri 23-Aug-13 09:12:10

We have a few Pax wardrobes in our bedroom and they are of course brilliant. It's the white carcass with white doors. Just love them.

We may be moving in a few months and the house has built-in wardrobes in the bedroom, tearing them out is not a possibility as we'd be renting (luckily the landlord is letting us pick out all new hardware for it).

The house we're in now has built-in storage in the living room which currently hides our Christmas decs, batteries, winter hats/scarves etc. The house we'd be going to has no such storage so I'm thinking of using one of our Pax wardrobes as storage in the living room. However, our furniture is mostly oak and the wardrobe is white. I can change the doors/handles but the carcass is still white - do you think this will look complete naff?

leeloo1 Fri 23-Aug-13 16:16:00

I have a PAX 100 x 35cm(? the thin one anyway) in the living room - white with Bergsbo white doors and I think it looks really nice and is (of course) great storage.

I'd guess how it looks in your living room would depend on personal taste. Can you separate it from the oak furniture so its not right up against it? Or if you do change the doors (or paint them?) can you have it in a corner/ next to a chimney breast so the carcass isn't obvious?

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