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Getting rust stains out of a white top?

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Featherbag Mon 19-Aug-13 21:09:11

I've just received a beautiful white maternity top that I won on eBay, it was an absolute bargain at 99p and is EXACTLY what I wanted! However, when the seller has kindly washed it before sending, it appears she didn't notice she was using a rusty peg to attach it to the washing line, and there are rust marks front and back corresponding to where the peg was. I've tried Vanish, but there's no difference at all after 2 washes. Does anyone have a magic remedy? I'd be incredibly grateful, it's such a lovely top!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 19-Aug-13 21:30:11

Fresh lemon juice squeezed over it. The juice dissolves the rust.

Also works on ferric chloride for anyone with a stained lab coat.

Featherbag Mon 19-Aug-13 21:45:28

Thanks, will bottled lemon juice do it? I don't have any lemons!

Charlesroi Mon 19-Aug-13 23:24:04

Yep, bottled lemon juice works fine. I've got bad rust stains out by dampening with lemon juice, pouring on some table salt, then moistening the salt with a couple more drops of lemon juice. Leave it in a sunny spot for a day, rinse out and repeat if necessary.

Featherbag Mon 19-Aug-13 23:26:09

It's sitting in lemon juice and salt now, will report back, thank you!

Featherbag Tue 20-Aug-13 22:40:07

No change so far!

krisskross Tue 20-Aug-13 22:45:44

We have a white metal garden table with small rust stain....could I do this or would lemon damage it? Not sure what metal it is.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 21-Aug-13 07:42:19

Erm, salt acts as a stain fixer. It opens the fibres up in the fabric.

I usually cut open a lemon, squeeze all the juice out then leave the cut half over the stain.

krisskross Wed 21-Aug-13 21:08:05

Thanks fluffy I'll try it.

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