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Can anyone help with my washing please?

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ImFineThankYou Mon 19-Aug-13 10:45:29

No idea what I'm doing really.
Normally stick a load on, bung in powder, 30 wash and peg out.

Dp's clothes are absolutely hanging as he's a builder so all caked in muck and sweat usually.

Dc's clothes usually food stained.

Bedding is white (hmmI know) and dp's side is gross.

-what temperatures should I be washing on?
-what detergent is best, bio or non bio and which for what?
-fabric softener? Yes or no?
-liquid or powder detergent?

I have bio and non bio powder, softener and a white brightening gel thingy.

Can I use bio for dc's clothing and bedding? (16mo no eczema)

Thank you.

bonzo77 Tue 20-Aug-13 07:21:43

caked on (though I guess the same applies for cake)!

Apileofballyhoo Tue 20-Aug-13 07:34:47

NHS guidelines are to wash sheets, towels, underwear at 60. I normally use a scoop of vanish extra hygiene in there as well. I use persil non bio liquid, and I rub a bit of this onto stains before I wash them. Hot water sets stains so try and have a go at them in cold water first - and I keep a bottle of biological liquid on stand by for anything fairly badly stained (tomato sauce etc).

Weelady77 Tue 20-Aug-13 08:22:27

Forgot to say I only use 2 little scoops of powder (shot glass) as powder can clog up your machine and once a month I let it go on a 90c wash on its own with either a touch of bleach or white vinegar to wash the machine through grin

KFFOREVER Tue 20-Aug-13 09:04:47

DT thanks for the tip. I will give it a go.

PenguinBear Tue 20-Aug-13 09:35:58

All fantastic advice on here.

The way to check if your machine is full op is to load up and stick your hand in on top of the washing. You should be able to move tote hand up and down a good few inches. If you cannot do this, then it's over full!

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