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Getting rid of smell of cigarette smoke: advice pl

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aibuaiwo Sun 18-Aug-13 13:56:00

I have just moved into a rented house, rented for me by my employer, where the previous occupants of many years included a heavy smoker. The smoker had a favourite room, and while most of the house smells mildly of smoke, that room is so bad I cannot go in there without feeling quite ill - the smell is deeply engrained in the whole room. I have used every air freshener I can think of, as well as an air purifier (I live in China, so have the purifier to deal with the pollution). I have also thrown out all the soft furnishings in that room, to no avail.

I am going to deal with the least affected rooms, by deep cleaning all the soft furnishings throughout the house. But does anybody have any good tips on how to get the smell out of the most affected room - I have run out of ideas.

Anybody dealt with a similar situation? Thanks for your advice.

superbagpuss Sun 18-Aug-13 14:05:20

can you wash the walls and carpet? keep windows open?

it doesn't help but over time it will fade

ArtisanLentilWeaver Sun 18-Aug-13 14:10:50

try shallow dishes filled with vinegar and change them every day, windows open or even try an onion cut in two and changed each day.

WafflyVersatile Sun 18-Aug-13 14:12:51

wash the walls with sugar soap?

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Sun 18-Aug-13 14:15:07

Short of scrubbing the walls and ceiling and floor and cleaning the windows, you might be stuck with it.
Maybe re-paint.
All stuff you don't really want to do in rented probably, depends how long you're going to be there.

Beaverfeaver Sun 18-Aug-13 14:41:41

Sugar soap
New carpet
Repaint everything

Have had to do this once before and it worked

acrabadabra Sun 18-Aug-13 15:08:33

Bicarb sprinkled liberally over the carpet and upholstery. Brush it in and leave it overnight then hoover up. Do it every night for a few days.

Also second the bowls of vinegar. Try adding to boiling water to create some steam and better evaporation. Open windows and wash everything with mild vinegar solution or sugar soap if possible.

aibuaiwo Wed 28-Aug-13 00:16:44

Sorry for the long silence: have been busy trying all your tips! We seem to be getting there, vinegar seems to be the most effective so far.

Many thanks for all your help.

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