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Keeping your home clean and organised?!

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PenguinBear Fri 16-Aug-13 14:33:37

I want my home to be organised, neat and efficient at all times but at the moment I haven't got the balance right and the only way I've found to keep things looking pristine is not to use them! When I am at home I am always doing housework. DP is at home more than me and does next to nothing and makes loads of mess but it's always me who has to keep it tidy.

What are your top tips on how you keep your home efficient and orderly? please don't suggest fly lady or any such site as i find them unhelpful.

Jan49 Fri 16-Aug-13 14:51:41

I keep a list of the main tasks and note when I do them.

I don't have a DP. Yours needs to do his share.

I tidy as I go so things don't build up and I avoid making mess.

I've given away most ornaments so there's very little to dust. I keep things in cupboards so they don't get messy. I used to spend time washing all the vases on the kitchen windowsill, wiping and washing the spice rack and contents (kept on a kitchen surface) and washing a rack of coffee cups and saucers that hung on the wall. Now the first 2 are in cupboards and I've got rid of the third.

Vivacia Fri 16-Aug-13 15:34:17

My tips are the fewer things you own, the less cleaning required. Everyone in the household pulls their weight and a fair share does not necessarily mean equal. Have a place for everything and put everything back in it's place. "Little and often" is key.

HoneyStepMummy Fri 16-Aug-13 15:46:15

Penguin do you have kids? How old are they? DS8 keeps all his toys in a wicker hamper. Art supplies are kept in a large tin. I find that limiting toys to one or two places makes a huge difference.
Can you get DH to at least make the bed in the morning and fill the dishwasher?
We have a few house rules that help keep the place clean. Shoes need to come off in the hallway and go in the organizer in the closet. Toys need to be put away after playing and loose cups, socks, etc are not to be left lying around. Before doing to bed couches need to be straighten out and no dirty dishes are to be left in sink. I find it's easier to keep the place clean when it's already tidy.

delasi Fri 16-Aug-13 15:48:29

This is more of a big thing, but similar to above if you have a lot of 'stuff' then find a proper home for it (cupboards are best, shelves for often used things eg) and seriously consider chucking (bin/donate/sell) anything that you don't actually need or want - eg hardly used, non-sentimental knick knacks, etc.

On a day to day basis, have a basic aim. Eg, having clear surfaces in the kitchen - which means dishes cleaned and away, food in fridge/cupboard, quick wipe down. It really is easier to do it as you go if possible rather than leaving everything to before bed.

We have small 'random' boxes in bedroom and living room (note: small!). Basically any stuff from the day that needs to be sorted but we've been too lazy busy to deal with goes in there, everything from post to socks found on the floor I'm looking at you DH to wallets and keys. We sort it quickly before bed - home things, or bin, as applicable.

Daily sweep for our wood & lino floors, quicker than getting the vacuum cleaner out and means we're not covered in dust and crumbs. The dustpan and brush are quite possibly the most used items here.

The bigger stuff, like proper clean of the floors, bathroom etc I do on different days. Sunday always turns into big clean day, just because I have the time, but only actually takes about 30-45mins for bathroom and another 30-45mins for floors which is the main stuff. I do laundry as soon as I have enough for a load, bins out once they're full.

We don't iron until it's needed. Clean clothes go straight into drawer/wardrobe when dry and ironed before use. I don't iron bed linen. Shirts get dried on hangers so dry ready to be hung up. Always hang clothes back up or put away, if they're to be washed then straight in basket/machine.

Your DH's involvement is a whole other matter, he should be helping out even if he was there less than you - that he's there more makes it worse. Fwiw DH and I don't have an exact 50/50 split, but we do have a balance and that's what matters.

Well that was long...

CountryCob Fri 16-Aug-13 15:55:51

I think it does help to have more cupboards and less to dust, I don't buy items that look hard to clean as our house gets very dusty as couple of dogs and lots of countryside activities I don't buy fabric lamps only glass or pottery so can be wiped have wipe clean retro tablecloth and best thing I did was get rid of dusty open shelves

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